Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 366

Well, here I am.

Due to an overwhelming influx of emails overnight (and a handful of comments on my posts below) I feel the need to keep blogging! I am quite humbled at the fact that emails came from around the world, across Facebook, via Twitter and even a text message asking me not to stop blogging. I didn't realise half of the people who contacted me even read DFF!! Wow.

So thank you, thank you, thank you. And in gratitude I will do my best to create something worth reading.


  1. well i have been taken down by the thought of leaving blogging. it is kinda hard and i feel stupid but i am sure that i won't quit on blogging, the idea just scares me.. let's hope we both stay put with our respective blogs

  2. Phew. I seriously do not know what my mornings would be like without my DFF fix. xx

  3. YAY! I had a massive panic attack when I realised today that your blog hasnt been showing up on my RSS feed in the morning and that I may have missed the 365 deadline and would never see you again! *sob sob* (I'm nothing if not dramatic ;) ) .Time to ditch the RSS feeder and put in a DFF alarm into my phone of a morning :p . I am so glad you are still blogging-on! xo


I love hearing your thoughts! Keep them rolling in :)

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