Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 372

So yesterday I was missing in action. Sorry about that. Had an incredibly bad migraine. Vomiting and everything. The lot. All better today though. Well, mostly. Can hardly open my eyes because of the fatigue and painkiller hangover.

So, the cheer comp went well with the school winning a place in everything we entered. Of course most of my pride comes from Tahlia's wins which was first in poms, third in cheer, first in group stunt and third in partner stunt. Yay Tahlia!!! Not that I'm bragging or anything ... I am just so impressed with the stunt groups she and her friends coordinated on their own. So clever. I am also very proud of all our school teams because of the work and dedication involved in getting all the routines to being the best that they can be. There were a lot of cheerful kids on Sunday!

We're off to Nationals in less that three weeks and I am incredibly nervous as our Nationals crew are learning all new routines for the event. Luckily all three coaches are working together on that one, so the onus isn't just on me.

I have an interesting conundrum. During this whole cheerleading caper I have been using the positive psychology principles with the kids to increase their confidence levels and self esteem. It has been working and shows in all aspects of their lives. I get emails from the parents all the time telling me what a positive impact cheer has had on their kids. But now look at the other side of the coin. With all this self belief the kids all feel like they are the best cheerleader they can be. And of course they are. But then when it comes time to decide who should represent the school in individual events, or smaller group events, or who should be out the front of a routine, everyone feels they are more than qualified to be there and can't understand why they can't be chosen. The reality is that people still miss out on certain things. Kids still have to stand at the back of routines. Some will not get a chance to star. They can't all make it to the grand final. Sigh. And this does my head in.

Let's take the Nationals team for example. Our dance coach needs people at the front of the routine who have a great ability to pick up choreography quickly, who have a good musical ear to count the beat, and then she coordinates that in height order. It's important to have our strongest people out the front so they can lead through the routine. Sounds logical. Except for when it's the same kids chosen over and over, and the kids at the back start to feel disillusioned. But how do you change that? Well, during the year for our regional and state comps we try to coordinate routines so everyone gets an opportunity to shine. But for Nationals, shouldn't we go there with the most competitive team possible?

I don't know the answer. I get confused. And while I am standing there confused I am trying to appease the kids who are in tears because they are up the back where they don't think anyone will see them. Sigh. It's all so hard. And when you have migraine it is doubly so ...

Anyway, today is a brand new day so best get on with it. Or do I? I am wondering if I shouldn't have another day in bed just to recover completely. It sounds very appealing ... it is what I would recommend to someone else .... but my bloody big work ethic keeps getting in the way ...

Too many conundrums ...


  1. Your cheer connumdrum is a hard one. That type of issue is hard enough with adults, let alone kids.

    (Can you talk them through it? Explain that each member of the team is like a jigsaw piece? Vital for the puzzle to work, but must be in the correct place? Each peice as essential and as important as the next, but must be in the right place to complete the picture?)

    Go back to bed....


  2. Excellent idea Lucy!! Excellent. And yes, decided on the back to bed thing too ...

  3. Hug.

    I'm glad you're getting rest, AND help for your conundrum.


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