Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 374

That dreaded migraine is still hanging around. My cleaner broke up with me. Nationals is only two weeks away and we have no poms routine. I finally got the towels and sheets washed and it decided to torrential rain for two days straight. My husband is sick. The dog died (you know that already). The kids are tired. The house is a mess. My client cancelled. The school has signed me on for more hours. My publisher is missing in action. There is no food in the house. My chin hairs have multiplied. My muffin top is growing. My arse is sagging. My neck curtains are flapping in the breeze. I am too exhausted to exercise. And I have bloggoblock.

You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille ....

If you came here for a pick me up, then you chose the wrong day!

Come back tomorrow.

And I might head back to Mildura to that country music festival .... I think I just wrote a song up there ...


  1. I have nothing to cheer you either. Sorry.

    Apart from write a list and work through it?

    Boring but effective?


  2. Oh no. What a day! I guess after a day like that, I have nothing else to offer than: it can only get better. Hang in there! xx

  3. Oh Leanne.. that does seem like a really tough day... I am sorry... just hang in there... xoxo


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