Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 375

Alright, I'll stop singing about loose wheels and get down to business. Yesterday's post was a tad negative. Yes, it happens. But today is a brand new day. I gave myself a pretty serious pep talk yesterday arvo. It went something like this:

So it's raining. We all know the sun is shining up there somewhere, you've just got to find it. The washing will dry eventually.

So you've got a headache. That's why God invented pain killers. Take an extra one just to be sure.

So you're cleaner quit. The vacuum is in the cupboard, use it. Besides, you own that robotic thing. Why the bitchin'?

So the dog died. That was last week. Move on.

Cheer Nationals are only two weeks away and you haven't finished the routine? You feel like the weight of the cheer world is resting on your shoulders? There is this wonderful thing called You Tube. Check it out. You might see something clever. And remember, a lack of resources is not the problem ... it's a lack of resourcefulness.

As for that sick husband, give him a cuddle, tell him you love him and then tell him to suck it up. He's a big strong boy.

If you've got tired kids then make them sleep! Take them to bed with you if you have to and cuddle them into unconsciousness. You might get some quality sleep yourself in the process.

As for that messy house refer to the vacuum suggestion above. Don't just look at it. Get up and bloody well do something about it. Start with your own pile of clothes in the corner of your bedroom you slob.

When your client cancels whoop for joy because now you have a spare two hours you didn't have before to lay about and rest. Or to clean that messy house above ...

More hours working at school? Well, that might actually cover the cost of that cancelled client. Do the math. And stop your bloody complaining.

Your publisher is not missing in action. He is sitting up on 5th avenue NYC doing what he has to do. You're not his only client you know, and you're not even his most important. He will contact you when next steps are needed. Relax.

No food? Are you kidding me?? Talk to the people in Africa about there being no food. Perspective darling. And then take a little trip to the grocery store ... people do it everyday.

Chin hairs, muffin tops, saggy bums, and neck curtains are all a matter of the mind. Again with the whining!!!! Look lady, you are in control. Beauty is a mindset. Just change your thinking a bit and bloody well do something about it. Find those tweezers for a start ....

And as for feeling too tired to exercise, join the club. It will happen when you are ready for it to happen. In the meantime take advantage of the rain and cuddle up indoors. Your energy will return when your positive mindset does.

Are we done? Good. Now bloody well get on with it ...

While you're at it, might as well flog yo blog ...


  1. Ahhh so glad I read your post today. I need a huge bloody kick up the ass. Thanks. Mrs Woog xo

  2. Good for you! Per-spec-tive..... Thanks for the pep talk, glad I dropped by today.

  3. hope the extra pain killer worked, mine did, even took a slug of the kids nurofen to make sure. A bit sleepy now, but pain free.

  4. After reading your yesterday's post, this post was hilarious! I'm still giggling and thinking this post is FABULOUS!

  5. I giggled yesterday and I giggled this morning as I read your post with a cuppa in my hand to start this very cold, windy have made 101 followers!!! woot-woot!!...oh, and I believe you are entitled to both posts....everyone is allowed to feel a bit down and long as you don't stay down and frustrated...

  6. I am one of those people prone to headaches, migraine and colds. Usually, my first recourse is White Flower Embrocation (, also called White Flower Oil.


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