Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 376

It's snowing. Can you freakin' believe it? It's snowing!! It's the middle of spring and it's snowing. We don't get snow. This is not a snowing place. And here we are in the season of lambs, and flowers, and birds and blossoms, and it's snowing. Well, I think my Pennsylvanian friend would call it a flurry. Is that the technical term? There is snow falling to the ground which is melting immediately due to the rain.

And yes, my washing is still on the line ....

Happy Saturday everyone! I am off to take Darby to a birthday party, and then Derek and I are helping coordinate Tahlia's end of year calisthenics concert.

Ciao ciao ...


  1. It's crazy isn't it! We have snow in kinglake this morning, I'm too chicken to drive up and see it (haven't driven on snowy roads before) . Good luck for the concert tomorrow :)

  2. Snow, in Australia, makes my mind boggle......

  3. WOW we never get snow over here, even in winter. Hope it warms up for you soon.

  4. Hello, Spring? Where the HELL ARE YOU? There was frost on grass this morning. It's October. Geez... happy running the kids around this weekend! x


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