Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 378

Ok, enough with the yelling. I snaffled my husband's computer instead. My other appendage is due back at lunch time today.

I actually spent money on having a guy come to the house to fix my laptop so that this wouldn't happen. I didn't want to drop take my computer to the hospital. A bit of home therapy would do. But after spending 2 hours here the computer bloke ended up taking it with him anyway. So I kinda spent the money on a call out when we could have taken into a repair shop for half the price. My hubby is a tad shitty about that. Oh well. It happens ....

Soooo .... how's your mother's chooks?

Did your parents ever say that when you were a kid? It was a favourite expression of my Dad's. I guess it's kind of a favourite of mine too. Seems like a good thing to say when you've got nothin' else to say. I often say it to my bestie in PA "So, how's your mother's chooks?" She's used to it now, but in the beginning she was "what the?!" I had to try and explain, but quickly realised I couldn't. How do you explain a completely random bullshit phrase like "How's your mother's chooks?" Our chickens are fine, thankyou, and yours? We never had chickens. Not sure where the expression came from. I guess it was small talk from eons ago. I guess everyone had chooks so if yours weren't laying you might see if someone else's was. Perhaps. I actually asked Professor Google just now. He didn't know. Huh. I just found something to stuff Prof Goog. Fabulous. That makes for a good day.

Anywho, let's get on with the day. A day of working at the school, seeing a client, catching up with the computer surgeon, then an evening of Nationals cheer training. The rain (and snow) seems to have given us a break and I actually managed to get my towels and sheets in off the line yesterday. That was a huge bonus.

Need to run. Husband hovering. It seems his technical appendage is as important to him as mine is to me. And after all that chook talk, I'm feeling like eggs for breakfast. Apparently they don't cook themselves ....

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