Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 380

It's Wednesday. That means room inspection day.

Yeah, this is Deep Fried Fruit. You haven't accidentally stumbled across a militant site. And no, I'm not a control freak ... really I'm not. I just like to have a bit of order ....

A few months ago when I was suffering pretty severely from the fuckity fuckits I re-instated the kids chores lists. We had them in place earlier in the year where the kids had to do things like put toys away, feed the dogs, hang up their towels, unpack their school bags etc ... standard stuff ... and they would get ticks on a chart each day and earn 20 cents per tick. Except for "helping Mummy without being asked" which earned them a dollar. It was working well ... for about a month .... and then it took a fair bit of maintenance. Anyway, it was enough to set the scene and establish a mindset for the kids to be more active around the home.

A few months ago while I was trying to juggle all my hats I realised that mornings were the most chaotic for me (which is why the whole exercise caper has gone by the way-side ... well that, and because I got all tired and lazy) so I recruited the kids to assist. They are now responsible for getting the house looking aesthetically ship-shape so that when we leave it in the morning I am comfortable in the knowledge that it will be pleasing to the eye on our return. So each morning they have a little ritual each: Tahlia's is to open all the curtains and blinds around the house, turn off all the lights, put all the cushions neatly along the lounge, and fold up the couch blankies from the night before. Darby's course of action is to check to see that all the toilets are flushed and the lids are down (middle of the night monsters tend to visit and leave yellow surprises in the loo), position all the photos nicely in the family room, clean up the coffee tables and put all the remotes in their holder. They both then take it in turns tending to Max the hip gyrating Lab. It's amazing how much this little bit of assistance enhances my spirit.

Anyway, they get paid $5 a week each, which is given to them on a Saturday, for helping me out daily. HOWEVER, they only get that money IF they have also passed bedroom inspection on Wednesday's and Saturday's. They earn ... but it can also be taken away. Yeah, I'm a sucky boss ...

I am trying my best to breed tidy wideys. To date it has eluded me ... there seems to be a gene in there somewhere (especially in my tweenie girl) that rejoices in bedroom bombs. So today is room inspection day. It's the day I can walk into their rooms without falling over toys or climbing over garment mountains. Today is the day I get to breathe easy because I know that I will get sparkly surprise.

Yep, today is Wednesday. Room inspection day. Have you passed yours?

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