Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 381

Ok, that’s it. I’ve cracked it. I’ve got the shits big time. Remember how I was all negative last week because the dog died, the cleaner broke up with me, my client cancelled yada yada yada …. And then I got all positive and gave myself a right royal kick up the bum. Well the bum kicking worked a treat until today when I decided to make use of my robotic vacuum cleaner to kind of get this cleaning gig started and the bastard up and died on me. Why is everyone buggering off on me right now? Seriously. I want to know why the big “run a mile from Leanne” thing is going on. It can’t possibly have anything to do with the energy I am projecting can it? Not me. Not Leanne of the sunny disposition.

Oh, not so sunny right now? Hmmmm ….

Anyway, I’ve just cracked it big time. Roomba the prick has bailed on me at a moment of need. So with very stompy footsteps, a mild door slam and a great sense of purpose I took to the depths of the recycle bin and got knee deep in trash in order to find the community newspaper. I’ve had enough. I’m getting a bloody cleaner and that’s all there is to it.

Oh, and look, right next to “cleaner” is “concreter”. Might as well get the front yard landscaped while I’m at it ….


  1. I am giggling about the phrase "my cleaner broke up with me". It is so like that isn't it! I hope you find a new 'relationship' soon (not to mention a new vacuum cleaner!). They are worth their weight in gold. Oh, hang on, that's how much they get paid isn't it?lol

  2. My cleaner earned more than I did and took twice as lomg to clean as I can with the kids. So she got sacked. But I miss her.

    You have my every empathy. I hope you find a diamond...


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