Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 382

A funny thing happened as I woke up this morning. I could have sworn someone was sitting on my head with their feet stuffed in my mouth.  Reality hit around 30 seconds later as I realised the heavy head and socks-in-mouth syndrome was actually a hangover.  I really must stop wearing my Jim Beam pyjamas to bed.  I might stop drinking the stuff while I'm at it .... it makes for a very dusty morning.

Anyway, I didn't have time to dwell on the unfairness of hangovers or the fact that I had self inflicted yet another headache on this weary body.  I had to drag my heavy head out of bed and get the day underway. 

Chaos ensued immediately.  It all began when we couldn't find clothes for the kids to wear to their 1800's day at school. They've got a Mary Mackillop sainthood celebration and while we knew in theory what they would be wearing, we couldn't quite find all the bits and bobs ... which put Mummy in a very foul mood.  The socks in the mouth thing can make you a tad cranky.  Then in the middle of it all, the computer doctor arrived (at 8.00am) to bring back my electronic appendage.  I think I was supposed to be listening to him as he ran through all the issues, but the person sitting under the towel on my head was making it hard to hear.  Shit. I've still got a towel on my head?  Haven't even done my hair yet.  Then the handyman arrived to finish painting my lounge room. Shit again.  I hadn't even thought about moving the lounges and coffee tables.  So while I was trying to tackle that, Derek was asking me if I'd done the admin work he needed me to do before he went to work. Nope, haven't done that.  So I started on that. But that went by the wayside when I realised I hadn't yet made the kids lunches and they were being picked up in 5 minutes.  FFS.  So I started on that. Then my Mum arrived. I swear to God I felt like I was in one of those Yellow Pages ads where all hell is breaking loose and every man and his dog is standing in the middle of the lounge room scratching their heads surrounded by chaos. Now let's add the parcel delivery person to the equation and me thundering down the stairs to sign for Derek's box of comics ....

At some point (I think it was when Mum very kindly started vacuuming around where the lounge had been in preparation for the painter) I marched back into my bedroom, climbed under the covers, and started my day again. I actually closed my eyes, faked sleep for a few minutes, took lots of deep breaths, opened them again, and started my day fresh.

Then I went into the bathroom, removed the towel, did my hair and make up, and walked back out to the fabulous folk who were working away at their little bits and pieces. Let's start again shall we! And that's what we did ... and it worked a treat ...

But there is one thing that I can't erase .... that little prick is still sitting on my head and my mouth is still full of dirty socks ... Jim Beam is an absolute bastard!!!

Tis Friday. Time to do some blog flogging ...


  1. sorry you feel so crap but thanks for giving me a giggle

  2. Hehe. Yeah, what Kebeni said ;)

  3. I can picture the Yellow Pages ad... totally :)

  4. Jim Beam PJ's - love it , I hate that little git that bangs your head and fills mouths with socks has a lot to answer for

  5. I love your self-soothing method hahaha. Condolences. Bloody JB.

  6. HI there! I am your newest follower from the Friday Linky:) I love finding new blogs and yours is lovely:) You can find me at
    Be sure to check out my giveaways. I only feature gorgeous handmade stuff:)

  7. I might think about giving up the stuff mornings even all brains collected are bad enough at my house. Z boy has to have at least one melt down before he leaves to the bus so I have to have my wits about me or the house would crash. I hopw you are doing better by the time they all show back up.


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