Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 386

I'm going for the plain Jane approach to my day.  I am drinking from a plain white coffee mug, I am wearing a plain grey top, plain black pants, plain black boots, and my hair is in a plain ol' pony tail.  Not sure why I am being plain old me without any bells and whistles.  Just seems like the right day for it.

The definition of Plain Jane is basically a woman who is dull, colourless and boring.  Apparently the first Plain Jane was Jane Eyre. I don't really remember the story of Jane Eyre.  Was she dull, colourless and boring?  She's far too well known to be a Plain Jane.  How can you be plain and famous.  No really, is it possible?  Because plain brings with it the idea of anonymity.

And why have I chosen today to be dull colourless and boring.  Does it have something to do with the man berries in my throat?  Perhaps it has something to do with my inflamed sinus?  Could have something to do with the lethargy.  Nah, none of that actually.  I quite simply feel like having a "blending into the background" kind of day.  That's all ....

So that's it.  That's me in a plain old nutshell today.  Blending.  Dull.  Boring. Ordinary.


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