Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 387

Huh. You know you've been blogging too long when your "annual appointment" comes up and you can refer to your blog post of the previous year.  

Yesterday was my annual trip to the gyno. Not something to look forward to, but necessary. This year's experience was quite a bit different to last year's though. 

For a start, he didn't mention my tattoo which is the normal topic of conversation.  

And this time he kinda spent a really long time doing what he had to do.  

Plus he even answered two mobile phone calls while he was "down there" which was a bit disconcerting. (Watching him have a conversation with a random at the stirruped end of the bed and all that. Glad video calls aren't the norm yet.) 

Oh, and this year it was all on TV!!  Yep, I got to see what he could see via a little camera on those big metal thingimy doobs that allow him access.  I'm not sure if that was weird or amazing.  A journey through my "hoo-hoo" into my "which-what". Can't say I've ever been on that adventure before ....  I even got to see a bit of the "do-dad" I had put in earlier this year.

As usual, this year we had to do a special test while he was prodding around.  I don't think I have mentioned this before but I have a special test done for a more obscure form of cervical cancer as I am classed as "daughter of DES".  Nothing major. Just precautionary.  When Mum was pregnant with me she took a very short course of medication (DES) to prevent miscarriage which is now linked with this cancer in daughters of DES recipients that can't be detected in a normal smear.  Anyway, I had that done.  All good.

But what makes this year really different than previous years is that this year he took a biopsy.  He found something a little odd.  I saw its oddness on the TV.  Yeah, it looked a bit funny.  I suggested it was probably just one of my tonsils.  He was probing pretty high.  Yep, he agreed.  Probably just my tonsil.  He told me not to worry.  So I'm not.  Results will be back next week.  

So there you have it.  Another "annual appointment" done and dusted.   

Another glorious by-product of being Deep Fried Fruit.


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