Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 395

So, where was I?  Ah yes. The good ol' Nantucket limerick.

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who had two many holes in his bucket
No matter how much he'd fill
His bucket would spill
Which made him say "fuckity fuckit"

Yep.  That's how I've been feeling the last few months.  Far too many holes in my bucket and not enough fingers to plug them up.  But that is coming to an end (I think).  Two holes were plugged this week.  I've finished with the competitive cheerleading for the year, and today is the last day of my contract with the school.  I am hoping my bucket will feel less leaky next week and much easier to manage.

I am going to miss the school you know.  I mean, it ain't going anywhere, and if the truth be known, neither am I, but there are a handful of kids I've been working with whose confidence has definitely soared since I started with them.  That is such a nice feeling.  And that is what I get from cheerleading too I suppose.  The same growth from the kids.  I can understand why people choose to be teachers. You get to see measurable progress and know you are part of it.

So anyway, back to my leaky bucket.  I am looking forward to patching up a few holes and working at full strength again.  Being able to take the pressure of competitive cheer from the equation, and the ongoing daily commitment to the school, will allow me to give focused attention to my other projects.  Namely my book(s).

I have been wondering why it is taking so long to get the mock ups for "My Happy Gift". They are having technical problems getting the true colour and intensity of the illustrations to transfer to the book during the scanning and printing process.  Bugger.  But I am wondering if it is less of a technical glitch and more because I am spending less time focusing my mind on the book launch.  You can't fulfill a dream without seeing it in your mind with absolute certainty.  I think I've lost that drive for the success of my book.  It's time to get it back again ...  Another hole to plug up.

Have a great Thursday everyone. I hope your bucket isn't too leaky ...

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