Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 398

Something dreadful has happened. Shocking.  Shaking me to the core.  A great big piece of my past has come back to haunt me.  I swore as a parent that I'd never let it happen to my kids. But I failed. Or I waivered (or something).

On Friday I chaired a meeting where I talked about kids and how we limit their creativity because of our own belief patterns.  So when my own child came to me with a creative idea, I had to swallow my words and practice what I preached.  I had to go with it.  And now I am living with the consequences.


I suppose you're wondering what I'm talking about.

Ok.  I'm talking about hair.  A hair cut actually.  I am trying to tell you that I gave in and let my 6 year old son have the hair cut of his dreams.

We went to the hairdresser for a trim because his surfer dude locks were now doing a Beiber and getting in his eyes.  He decided he wanted his hair spiked again so he could do gel, and shark fins, and other dude like styles. Sure mate.  That sounds great.  But Mum, wouldn't it be great if I keep the back long. Hmmm.  (Please don't ask for a rats tail, please don't ask for a rats tail, please don't ....)  So we talked to the hairdresser. And she thought that was a lovely idea.  So I let Darby chat to her on his own and work it all out.  Because I was after all supporting his creativity.

And that's when it happened.  I am now living with the 6 year old version of Brian Mannix from the Uncanny X Men. My son officially became a member of Team Mullet.



As we drove home you couldn't wipe the smile off his face.  He was absolutely stoked.  He was singing "yay hairdresser, yay hairdresser, yay hairdresser". And then he made his declaration: "Mum, this is sooooo much better than a rats tail."

Yes. I agree.  Definitely better than a rats tail. Marginally ...


  1. Oh well at least it can grow out, I had a mullet in 1992, probably wrong era!!!

  2. Eeeek. I empathise. I am currently squirming as Olivia (6) has dark purple painted nails. (Thank goodness for school rules and that I can get the acetone out tonight.)

  3. Oh goodness! But you certainly have painted a colourful picture {of a teeny Brian Mannix walking around your house - singing "everybody wants to work - oh no not me..."}.

    And your new mantra can perhaps be "At least it's not a rats tail..."

  4. this is hilarious (sorry). Glad it isn't my boy though!

  5. I have just awarded you a versatile blog award. For details visit here

  6. Oh...I need to see a photo.....I can picture Darbs grinning from ear to ear and, I think it's funny and I, too, am glad it's not me!!! lol


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