Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 399

Yesterday Derek and I went shopping at a little boutique at the coast. We came across a beautiful dress of greens and purples which reminded me of a lyrebird.  Anyway, I tried it on and it looked pretty good.  The sales assistant said "wow, you look amazing!!"   She had to say that. She's the sales assistant.  Then Derek came across and said "geez babe, you're hot".  Again, I'm like, you have to say that, your sex life depends on it.  But he jumped in and said, "isn't it nice that after ten years of marriage I can still say my wife is hot".  Yes. That is nice. But hang on a minute, it's not ten years, it's now twelve. And as we both pondered that for a moment it suddenly dawned on both of us that it was our wedding anniversary!!  Shit. We'd both forgotten. So we cancelled each other out in that regard.  And with that I said, "happy anniversary Husband ... oh, and thanks for my new dress!"  And he said "happy anniversary Wife ..... " and some other stuff I won't mention here.

So there you have it. Yesterday was our wedding anniversary.  We had a glass of champagne out of our wedding flutes in celebration.

You can read my wedding anniversary post from last year here, and my 'been married for a bloody long time' post here.

Have a great week! I know I will. I have a new dress ....


  1. If husbands know what's good for them, they will drop a hot bomb on us once in a while!

  2. Happy anniversary!!!...can't believe we were all there for that...and my 12year old was only 6months old at the time! How time flies and how our lives have changed...of course all for the better.....


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