Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 402

Because I tend to leave some of my ramblings "hanging" I've decided today to give you some updates.

There hasn't been any (to speak of) for months.  You will recall I used to be an avid boot camp participant and would awake at sparrow's fart to join others in a vomit session as I did hill sprints and dragged tyres and carried logs and ran up and down steps and so on.  But it's been 6 months since I pushed my body to the limit and that has been bothering me.  Why did I stop?  Money and bad knees.  Why did I stay stopped?  Lazy and bad knees.  Anyway, I ran into my very fit triathlon/iron woman friend two days ago as she came from the gym.  She encouraged me then and there to join the same gym.  "Oh, yeah, maybe. Don't love indoor exercise" I said.  "Not quite the enthusiasm I was looking for Leanne." Now there was a challenge.  She said I didn't have enthusiasm.  Me, the success trainer with no enthusiasm.  So I walked into the gym and grabbed some information.  But I still pondered the fact that it was indoor and stuffy and all muscle bound and stuffy and all that equipment and stuffy.  And as I sat at home and contemplated this (staring outside but still not putting on my sneakers and venturing out) I realised they were all poor excuses for work-out avoidance. So I hightailed it back to the gym and signed up.  I start tomorrow ....

You'll remember my first ever Ikea experience was a few weeks back when we did our driving holiday to Adelaide.  We "gave" Tahlia a new desk for her birthday and Ikea was the place to find it. Seems strange to drive all that way and bring home furniture, but it was flat packed so we figured it would work in our favour, particularly since we don't have the luxury of Ikea in our own home town.  Anyway, you can read about it here.  It was one hell of a safari. We came home without the desk (can you believe the bastards had run out?!).  So today is the day I take a hand full of Ikea enthusiasts and drive to Sydney in the trusty KIA Grand Carnival to get the desk.  And don't worry, I've been on line and checked that the desk is actually in stock in the Sydney store.

The Trusty KIA Grand Carnival
The car is still the bestest thing we own.  We did the most comfortable driving holiday EVER to Adelaide and back, and it also took a car load (with all the luggage, equipment and other bibs and bobs) to Melbourne for the cheerleading nationals.  It doubles as a cheer van every Monday arvo when I return a bunch of cheer chicks to their rightful owners after our cheer practice.  And today it will play the part of the Ikea delivery van as we flat pack it to the max.  It's not until you go on one of these "packed to the rafters" adventures with us that you truly understand the love I have for this vehicle.

And all that talk of the cheer van brings me to where things are at with cheer.  Well, now that Nationals is over I was hoping I could just have some fun with the kids, but it seems we have a concert (or two) to get ready for.  To be honest I'm a bit tired of all the performing. I really want the kids to get skilled up properly and just have some fun.  But being "on stage" is important to them so you've got to run with it.  Having said all that cheer was a bundle of joy this week with our focus on flex, strength and tumbling.  The kids love to learn new things.  Tumbling and stunting is their absolute favourite! I did the whole "dedication" talk with them, and "success is a choice", and "the commitment is yours alone" which had them all scrambling to learn the stretch and strength exercises so they could work on their skills at home.  They all vowed to come back after the Christmas holiday period as the best cheerleader they can be.

Max the hip gyrating lab
Age seems to have crept up quickly on our Max Factor.  He's still fit and trim and shows no sign of the arthritis issues many Labs display. He loves his walks and running on the beach.  He still "plays" with other dogs but his tolerance of bounding energetic pups is a little lower than it used to be. But on the other hand he hardly ever shows us his lipstick anymore and hip gyrating is almost non-existent.  He and Binny are still very much the item, but it seems they have settled into the comfort of married life which keeps X rated viewing to a minimum.  That's a relief.  The sad news is that Max is going blind.  What we thought was going to be cataracts which could be removed with a few thousand dollars is actually a retinal degeneration and it is suggested he will be blind in the next 12 months.  That sucks.  What do you do for a Labrador that can't see? Give him a Guide Dog?  Anyway, the vet said that the good news is he will be going blind slowly so he'll adjust to it, plus his smell and hearing are as important to him as his sight, so he'll survive.  Anyway, my bet is that he is a wonder dog and that he will defy science and he won't actually go blind at all.  Plus I'm trying new things which are thought to slow down the disease - namely anti-oxidants and vitamin C.

The book(s)
Given it is mid November I should have a severe case of the fuckity fuckits when it comes to my book, but I am still having belief and faith in the process.  I am trusting the publishers.  What I'm not trusting though is that "My Happy Gift" will be on the shelves by Christmas.  How can it be?  I still haven't approved the mock-ups.  Very frustrating.  But as I said, I am trusting the process.  And as I said once before, I'm not their only author, so I've got to sit back and just enjoy the ride.  Having said all that I have book number 2 now in their care and I await (again very patiently) for contracts etc to be offered.  I've even put an illustrator on stand-by to get the artwork started the moment I say "go". Fingers crossed.

Oh, and before I leave this topic, I should tell you that the other book I am slowly working on - Beyond Ordinary: Everyday Journeys Through Self Growth - is in the infant stages.  I have about 15 contributors lined up with a hand full who have actually given me their outlines etc.  It will be quite a bit slower than I had thought, but very rewarding.  There are so many people out there with a story to tell.  If you're interested (or know someone who might be) I'd love to hear from you!

I didn't get tickets for the Oprah show in Sydney.  I swore and stomped my feet. Then I moved on.

After years of drought it hasn't bloody well stopped raining. It's all very wonderful of course.  I'm not complaining.  Hang on, yes I am. I'm going to start complaining now.  Enough is enough!! Please can we at least have a little bit of sunshine?  Two hours a day is not nearly enough.  As I sit here typing this the thunder has rolled through and another crazy downpour has just taken place.  My car REEKS of dampness because of an enormous hail storm on Monday which had me soaked through to my big white "especially for the Osteo" Nanna knickers.  I'd really like some sunshine now.

After my dilemma over what undies to wear when bearing my butt to a strange man (you can read about that here) I went shopping yesterday and bought a swag of new items.  I had actually said I was going to do this many many MANY months ago.  You can read about that here. After I realised my neighbours were shutting their blinds on the days I hung my tatty old knickers on the clothes line. I never did do that shopping trip back then. But I did go shopping yesterday.  I have finally done it. I bought 6 new pairs of undies and a new bra. I made sure the under pants were respectable but cute, covered enough but don't need to be rolled down.  I am happy with my purchases.

Neck Perfect
It hasn't arrived yet.  I'll let you know when it does.  If this rain ever bloody stops I may have to ditch my scarves and actually expose my neck drapery.

Now that I have finished my contract with the school, and Nationals are over with, and I have a cleaning lady, I am focusing again on my business. That is a good feeling. I've spent the last two days taking care of some long overdue administration and getting back into the groove of being a success trainer.  I've gotta tell ya, I really do love it.  You can check out my website and you can even "like" me on Facebook.

Ok, so that's it.  That's the updates for today.  Have I forgotten anything? If I have please let me know.  You know how I hate to leave things hanging ....

(I especially hate that tail that's now hanging off my 40 ....)


  1. You are cute. I love it...Are we still hanging? I don't think so!

  2. Hi! thanks for your comment about my pumpkin pie:) I didn't realize that you lived in Canberra! About 10 years ago I did a month long excursion with Outward Bound right outside of Canberra!! It was amazing! Nice to meet you!! Hope to see you around soon!

    Hanna from bouffe e bambini

  3. You rock. I love posts like these from you. You are the uppest person I read blogs of.....xx


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