Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 403

I live a very boring life. Comparatively speaking.

There is so much I want to talk about but it's not mine to talk about.  

There are so many wonderful and crazy stories that are the lives of people in my outer sphere but I can't spill the beans no matter how juicy.  Not here.  Because they are "their" stories.  Not mine.  

I often think I should just race out and have an affair which would give me something to write about, but then that wouldn't work either because having it on the blog for the world to see would mean my husband might find out. Ya think!?!? (Oh, that plus I love my husband too much to cheat on him - in case he's reading this - good morning Husband!) And besides, if the story was going to be worth anything it seems I'd have to be having the affair with a woman, because anything less would still be boring.  A woman with three breasts and a mohawk.  An alien.  Who also dated Angelina Jolie.  And had her love child. Who grew up to be Justin Bieber. 

But I don't have that story to tell.  The only story that I have to tell is that I am fronting up to my first gym session today. The first real exercise I've had in 6 months.  And I'm scared! It'll be a pump class.  Hope my buggered knee can stand it.  So that's interesting isn't it? No? Oh.  Hmmm ....

Oh, oh, oh!!!  I do have another story to tell.  Woot Woot.  Yes, I do have a story of my own to tell. Not of lesbian alien hybrid children, but it's quite exciting.  Well, it's exciting to me.  Are you ready for it?

My Publisher has given my second book the green light.  Should I have mentioned that up front?  Perhaps.  But the three titted woman was a worthy diversion.

Ah yes.  I am an author, of not one, but two soon to be released books.  

I am an author. I am an author.  I am an author.  Not a cheating wife but an author.  

An author who needs to shave her legs and find her gym gear. 

Happy Friday everyone and don't forget to do some blog floggin'.

Ciao ciao 


  1. That is awesome Leanne :). You are awesome! Thanks for the lol first thing in the morning! :)

  2. Your girlfriend sounds very much like my ex :-) 2 books? Amazing that is a massively impressive deal to have got that far - good luck

  3. Congratulations for being a faithful wife and a published author - both are pretty cool :)


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