Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 405

Ouch.  Been hit by a truck. Not a kids Tonka toy.  A big Mack truck.  Will I ever walk again?

Got the "two days after a gym session" pain.  Everything hurts.  Arms.  Shoulders.  Stomach.  Legs.  I've got that  having to drop from a great height to land on the toilet pain in my legs.  No gradual squat to sit position.  Killer.

I mentioned this yesterday arvo to one of my Cheer Chicks who just happened to be hangin' at my house, and she said "you need to stretch. Well, that's what you always tell us Leanne".

Ah yes, wise words.

So now I stretch. Through the Mack truck pain.  I stretch elastic bands that feel wound too tight. Ouch.

Reminding myself: this is positive pain, all is good.

Yep.  Positive pain.

No pain no gain.

Or so they say ....

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  1. Can you believe, I am actually jealous? I love that pain. Love the DOMS ache...


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