Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 408

So, I’m back at the gym. It's been years!!  Sure, I did all that wonderful boot camp for a year (outside in the wonders of nature), but I've had 6 months off because I got injured, then we had no money, then I got lazy.  

So, anyway, as I said, I'm back at the gym. Gone back to the indoors ...

I started last Friday with a pump class which I thoroughly enjoyed and got through with minimum fuss and bother.  I was hit by a truck of course by Sunday, but the actual class was fantastic.  I didn’t fall over, fart or drop my barbells.  I didn’t feint, vomit or cough up a fur ball.  I’d say it was a success!

And yesterday I did my first boxercise lesson.  I didn’t really know what I was doing to begin with.  I discovered that I am incredibly uncoordinated when it comes to jabs and hooks and upper cuts and “routines” that require the linking of all of the above. Which is a bit troubling for a cheer coach.  You’d think I’d pick up the choreography quickly, particularly since we were doing it to some pretty funky dance tracks. But sadly no.  I was a boxing gumby. There was a point where my head started to spin and I actually saw stars and had ringing in my ears. That was right before I declared to the world that the ride on the vomitron was about to begin.  Which was about five minutes before my arms and shoulders seized and cramped and exploded into flames. But I got through it.  I made it to the end and even managed a weak smile.

So what’s next?  Well today I’m fronting up to something called RPM.  No idea what that means, but no doubt I’ll find out!

A few hours later:
So I know what RPM is now.  Hmmm. Other than a case of bike bum and chaffed hoo hoo, I feel fantastic!!  My thighs went up in flames during the session (not in a "I kissed a boy and I liked it" kinda way ... but in a OH MY GOD THIS IS A STEEP HILL kinda way) but I didn't self-combust so it can't be that bad.  I'll probably go back next week.  May wear an enormous pad or hand towel in my pants though. Should put padded bike shorts on my Christmas list ...

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