Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 409

Yesterday as I rode a bike up a hill channeling negative self talk and self doubt I looked behind me to see a woman with only one arm and one leg riding up the same hill ....  I quickly switched to the attitude of gratitude and took my two perfectly good legs and two perfectly good arms and rode with confidence, determination and joy.

So if you haven't read yesterday's post about me getting back into flogging my body into physical exhaustion, then you need to do that now.  And by flogging I mean exercising, and by exhaustion I mean I am sleeping a solid nine hours a night without waking up once.  Both are very positive things.

Since starting my renewed health and fitness regime a week ago I have already lost 1.5kg.

How exactly?

Well, it started by eliminating coke from my diet.  Bourbon and coke to be exact. I was a 3 nights a week B&C drinker, but given it did dodgey things to my gut the next day I've given that up.  Instant results in the face and muffin top department.

I have also gone back to eating salads for lunch made of whatever I can find in the fridge, including left overs.  Warm salads are my favourite.  I did this one a week ago ... left over heated up chicken kebabs/skewers, with some sweet potato (done in the microwave), plus a handful of peas (because I was all out of green beans) and all things salady and for the "dressing" I did a few teaspoons of 95% fat free Philadelphia cream cheese which ends up melting into the salad due to the warm ingredients. Heaven!!

What else am I doing? Oh, I know, I am going to the gym!! OK, so my gym schedule is three days a week at the moment.  Boxing on Tuesday, RPM on Wednesday and pump classes on a Friday.

And finally, I have changed my mindset from one of fatigue and "it's too hard" to "I love my body" and "I am fit".

It was at the gym yesterday during RPM that I struggled with some of the hills and pulled lots of grunty faces and started swearing inside my own mind, until I looked around and saw the woman with only one arm and one leg absolutely powering it out with determination and strength and purpose.  When I used to do boot camp and I'd have to run up hills dragging a tyre behind me I would think of Gill Hicks who lost her legs in the London bombings and I would take the leg pain and turn it to gratitude by chanting "I'm so grateful I've got legs, I'm so grateful I've got legs ...."  Yesterday I was sure that woman was chanting "I'm so grateful for my leg ....". Maybe not. But with the energy she was pumping out she definitely wasn't in whingy whiny mode.

So there you have it.  You can do all the things in the world when it comes to diet and exercise but without the right mindset you're stuffed.  I was reminded of that yesterday.  The hill is so much easier to climb when you're grateful for it ...

Can I just say how excited I am to be part of Fat to Fit again.


  1. You GO woman! I'm trying to light that fire under me, but apparently I peed on it.

    Or something.

  2. LOL. Yes, well, pee'ing is easy to do. Especially when skipping with a rope ...

  3. Brilliant! I'm very impressed with everything that you're doing from drinking less sugar, to eating yummy lunches [who knew about the Philly cheese melting into yumminess-OMG!] and of course the exercise.

    The image of your bike ride and the other lady was a powerful one and a great reminder for all of us.

    Hugs to you,

    Felicity x

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