Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 410

Hmmmm. What to write? What to write? Hmmm....

Not a good start for a Friday.  Bloggers block should only ever be reserved for Monday's ....

Oh, I know .... 

I once had a green ribbon!!

Hang on, before you leave, there is a point to this post.

Yes, about four years ago I bought myself a length of lime green ribbon.  Well, it was more grass green. The colour of spring.  I bought it to match a pair of thongs I'd bought.  And by thongs I mean Aussie thongs (flip flops).  My thongs were quite ornate with beautiful flowers on them.  Very unique.  But I didn't have anything to wear them with so in a moment of true  inspiration I ran out and bought myself a matching hair ribbon.  My thought was that the thongs being all "spring like" and all were perfect for skipping through the flowers, so what better way to complement them than with a pony tail with matching ribbon.

So there you have it, I once had a green ribbon.

Interestingly enough the ribbon became a whole lot more than a pony tail swinging accessory.  I told you there was a point to this story.  The ribbon became a sign of happiness, hope and healing.

Now if you were to Google "green ribbon" you will find that this humble little token has been used in all manner of causes including environmental justice, cannabis-liberation, agriculture and to show support for legalised forms of pornography and sexual content. Yikes!!

But my ribbon was for none of those things.  My ribbon reminded me of childhood. When I tied it in my pony tail I actually felt like skipping and dancing and doing cartwheels.  If you study neuro-linguistic programming you learn that you can actually achieve certain emotions and feelings and state-of-mind simply by mimicking a physical stance.  There is a psychological/physical relationship ... a brain/nervous system connection.  I guess that was what the green ribbon was all about.

Anywho, I did this whole green ribbon thing and it made me feel sprightly and alive.  So when one of Derek's best friends was diagnosed with a high grade melanoma I shared my green ribbon with his wife.  Silly I know, but when you feel useless to help you kind of grab at anything, and for me, it was the green ribbon.

For every doctor's appointment there was a great deal of tension.  And for the partner of the person with the life threatening illness, it can be excruciating, because while they aren't the one facing the possibility of death, they are the one who has to keep it all together.  They are the one who has to keep a brave face. They are the one who cuddles the kids as they cry. They are the one who tries to stay positive in the face of adversity.  They are the one who has to face the prospect of still being around when their life partner slips away.  Anyway, I offered her a piece of my green ribbon and she tied it to her handbag.

She used that green ribbon as a sign of hope and joy and promise and spring.  It made her smile.  Just as it made me smile.  It was just a token, but sometimes a token is all you need.

So there you have it.  I once had a green ribbon.  I don't anymore.  It got whittled away as I snipped of sections for others who needed a spring in their step.  But it served its purpose at the time which extended far beyond the need to match a pair of thongs. And now if I need some green ribbon mentality, I wear my yellow and white Hawaiian flower instead!

Oh, and Derek's friend is alive and well today.

I once had a green ribbon. Do you?

It's Friday. Time to flog yo blog.


  1. What an amazing story! That's just so beautiful. And YAY for Dereks' best friend!

    Also I totally thought you wrote that green ribbon was used for cannibal liberation. I really need more sleep.

  2. Fantastic story!

    Have a great Friday :-)

    SSG xxx

  3. what a wonderful story....thank you for sharing... its a strong reminder of what we can do for others when they are not feeling quiet themselves....
    Thank you for the visit and the comment ..... and I want to read your book... :D is it in print ?

  4. Your story about the green ribbon reminded me of a children's book my in-laws gave my daughter. The book: "Marta and the Manger Straw". It is polish tradition to take straw from the manger scene. The straw is to bring luck or hope or wealth through the coming year. Marta, a young girl, gives bits of her straw to those who were unfortunate enough not to obtain their own straw.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Kevin ~Super Daddy~

  5. That's a great story Super Daddy!

    Rachel - my first book is still in production stages with the publisher. Supposed to be out by Christmas but at this point that isn't looking likely. Soon though!!:P


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