Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 411

I got an Australia Post thingimo in the letterbox yesterday telling me I had an international article to collect which required signature. Wahooooo!!! Could this be my book ready for final sign off?

Sadly no. Hmph.

It was however my Neck Perfect.  Not a bad runner up.

Yes, I bought the advertising. Well, wouldn't you?

The revolutionary solution to achieve your perfect neckline

Always look young!
Guaranteed  results!
No more loose and hanging skin

Progressive resistance toner for the neck, chin and jaw muscles .....

Anyway, it is here and it turns out it is actually like weights for your neck!! Can you believe that? Hysterical. Well, not weights as such, but resistance training ... with big old springs You have this whole exercise program.  So here I was thinking I could just sit back and some battery operated thing would work miracles while I sipped tea and ate cookies, when in fact I have to bloody well do some serious jaw pumping, neck squatting, chin sit-ups work!! 

Ok, let's get to it shall we?  Now I just need to screw this off ... select a power coil that allows comfortable compression ... put it in ... screw that back on ... then rest the do dad on my breast bone ... with the other end under my chin .. and start pumping!! 

Not bad, not bad.  A bit tricky.  This could work.  Will keep you posted ...

The only down side is that I keep spilling my tea ...

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