Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 412

What a beautiful weekend.

Yesterday Derek and I went to an afternoon engagement party.  It was at a nursery/garden centre. Under a marquee.  There was champagne and canapes.

We only received the invitation last week. It was a mistake.  The invitation had been sent two months prior, but it got "lost in the email".  Anyway, when we didn't RSVP they did a follow up. Luckily.  We didn't want to miss out on this engagement party.  A long time friend of husband. He'd gone through a messy and hurtful divorce.  Then he met this lady who changed his world.  She then got breast cancer and they fought the big fight together.  And survived. So their engagement is a very beautiful thing.

Anyway, so, yesterday we had this engagement party. What to wear, what to wear?  It is a Saturday afternoon, at a garden centre.  There would be a band.  There would be champagne.  A sun dress?  White pants with a blouse?  Capris? Hmmm...

A mutual friend said to me at the gym on Friday that she figured it wasn't an engagement party at all.  That we were being tricked.  That this would be an actual wedding.  OMG!!! You're right!! Why else would it be so "formal" and why else would they be sure to confirm that we would be on time, and that no kids allowed, and that some people were choosing to get dressed up and so on .....

So with the idea of a possible wedding planted firmly in my mind I went with my red and black cocktail dress instead. Matching red shoes and small cocktail handbag.

Then panic set in on the drive. I was wearing full on cocktail wear complete with bling bling. What if everyone else was in shorts and thongs!!!  So I sent text to friend during the drive (don't worry Oprah ... I wasn't driving) to see what she was wearing.  She was wearing black cocktail dress. Phew. At least two of us would look like dweebs together.

When we arrived people were dressed in cocktail attire.  And then others arrived in jeans.  Definitely a mixed bag.  And then it happened ...

The "bride" arrived in a full length white gown and the engagement party did in fact turn into a wedding.  Well, whaddya know ....  How cool is that.

The afternoon was truly beautiful with the groom grinning from ear to ear during the entire ceremony.  Of course I cried.

What a beautiful weekend.


  1. Oh wow. I thought that sort of thing only happened to famous people. What a gorgeous love story, and so glad you wore your cocktail dress! xx

  2. oooooh goosebumps! how absolutely gorgeous!

  3. What a beautiful love story :). I love the concept of surprise weddings :).


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