Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 414

Some of my Christmas shopping is done. It's the component that the big fat man gets all the credit for.  Anyway, it's done which is a relief.  But now it's time for the other stuff.  The stuff that comes from me/us. And the stuff that I need to buy for other people.  Yes, there are other people in our world other than our own kids. Seriously ...

Oh, and I've done my shopping that needs to go to the USA.  Just waiting to box it up and fly it out.

Hmmm. So yes, some of my Christmas shopping is done.

Luckily the kids are not set on anything in particular this year. Well, Tahlia is ... a mobile phone ... but that is a story and a conundrum for another day.  Oh, and Darby is hoping for a remote control cheetah (does such a thing exist?), but we are hoping he forgets about that one.  But otherwise they are cruising into Christmas with their hearts and their minds open.  Easy.

I really think I am more relaxed about Christmas in general this year.  Very different to last year.

But then again, we are still a month out.  I have plenty of time to turn the panic button on ...

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  1. I am just beginning to start a little bit of Christmas arse wobbling. Need to get some major to do list activity happening.


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