Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 416

Guess what I'm doing today. Go on, guess ....

Nope, not going to the gym.

Nope, not meeting a client.

Nope, not going Christmas shopping.

Nope, not flying to the USA.

Nope, not off to IKEA.

Can you guess?

I am going to get my author photo taken!!!

Yep, I have to go and get some official photography done for my author profile.

Now that's exciting!!

Shit, this is a bit stressful really. This is it. This is the photo set in stone.  This is my author photo!

But I have pimples. Loads of sweat pimples around my chin and neck.

And my neck perfect hasn't done its thing yet (yes, I've been using it daily for 4 days now).

And I have backpackers camped under my eyes.

And my hair is kind of in that "I'm growing it long so refuse to get it cut" stage.  There is no style.

And I haven't had a my start of summer spray tan yet.

Oh well.  They are going to get the real me I guess.  Not the airbrushed and totally tweaked version.  The actual deep fried fruit version.  They'll get who I am. The person that writes the stories.  She has lived ... she has matured ... she is blemished ... she is stretched ... she is white ... she is tired ... she is grey(ing) ... she has aged .... and she is not perfect.

What??? She's not perfect?  Who would have thunk it ...

Yep, I'm off to get my author photo taken.

Great day for it ...


  1. Wow,

    That is so exciting for you Leanne, I can not wait to see the book with the pic in it.

  2. This is such a big milestone. I know that the photo will be gorgeous despite all those failings you mentioned. Why, if you hadn't listed them we wouldn't have noticed ;-) xx


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