Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 418

I am at the coast.  Actually, Derek and I are at the coast.  No kids. Just us.  On our own ...

Gotta love grandparents.  We’ve got Derek’s parents who went on holidays leaving us the keys to their coastal home, and then we’ve got my parents who jump at any opportunity to have our kids for a weekend.  Perfect.

Anyway, Derek and I are at the coast. Alone. 

Yesterday I was sick.  I get separation anxiety from my kids during the first few hours.  Does anyone else get that?  Weird.  I get sort of heart sick or something.  It just doesn’t feel right leaving them.  But once we made it to our destination safely and my kids made it to theirs safely, I felt peace.  And I’ve gotta tell you, after a full night sleep and with the fresh skies of a new day I am feeling even more peaceful this morning.

So it is with all that peace that I will lay on the sands and read.  Yeah, more reading.  Today it is reading with the waves gently crashing nearby, seagulls squawking, the sun beating down, a gentle breeze nudging the pages of my book (hopefully), and absolutely no responsibility for the sun, surf or sand safety of little people at all.

Jealous?  You should be.

What to read?

I started reading two books yesterday, plus I bought a trashy magazine.  One book is a true story of hope – “The Hospital by the River” – which is Dr Catherine Hamlin’s story of her fistula hospital in Ethiopia; and the other is a beautiful James Patterson novel about the power of belief – “Sunday’s at Tiffany’s”.  I’m alternating between reading a bit of each depending on my mood ….  And concentration span. Yep. It’s a hard life.

And then the magazine comes in when I don’t want to concentrate at all.  Such pretty pictures. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t make it to the WHO 2010 Sexiest People list.  I noticed none of you were on it either.  Shocking.  A total oversight.  A blatant snub in my opinion.  But as I said, trashy magazine. Clearly no class.  But very pretty pictures.  Hmph.

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