Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 419

I don’t get in the water much.  It has to be a bloody hot day and the water needs to be tepid.  Whether it be pool or ocean, I just don’t get in the water much. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the water.  I love being near it.  I just don’t love being wet I guess. Which is odd, because I’ll spend all night in the bath if you’d let me.  It’s the cooler temps I avoid. 

Derek always gets in the water. If we are at the pool or the beach he will always get in. He’s been known to get in year round. Yesterday it was around 29 degrees at the coast.  Outside.  But in the water it must have been below 10.  Honestly.  Absolutely arctic.  How do I know? Well, I literally put in my big toe.  And that one little wet toe was cold enough to drop my entire body temperature enough to allow for more sunbaking.  Even Derek shied away from it.  He started to get in the water but at waist level he declared his testicles had disappeared and that any further progression may end up seeing him wearing said testicles as earrings.  Ouch.  I guess that means it was cold.

Anyway, so the water was cold, but the beach was hot.  We had chosen a small beach.  An out of the way cove with only a hand full of people. It felt very private and peaceful. There were a couple of guys on boogie boards, and a few guys snorkelling by the rock pools.  There was an old bloke jogging up and down in his budgie smugglers (speedos). And us.  It was beautiful.  Except for the budgie smugglers. Haven’t they been banned yet?

Yep, it was beautiful. We didn’t think it could get any more beautiful until we saw the fins.  They were a long way out to begin with. Derek spotted them first. And then the diving began.  There was a pod of dolphins out beyond the waves, about 50 metres out.  How exciting! We watched them for ages. Frolicking.  And then they disappeared.

Now the beauty of sitting on the beach instead of being in the water, is that you get to see things from a distance before the swimmers do. Usually.  But there was no warning for our next little attraction.  Derek and I screamed “Holy Shit” at exactly the same time. Yes, on this occasion our shit could be holy.  The dolphins hadn’t disappeared at all, they had been cruising under water silently and secretly, and then they suddenly reappeared right there in the curl of the waves as they crashed towards the beach. The look of shock, horror and confusion on the boogie boarding guys faces was enough to tell us they had shit their pants.  Well, they didn’t know about the dolphins in the distance previously. And at this point all you could see was fins and black bodies in the waves.  It was only the eye of the beach sitter who knew these weren’t sharks.  And the dolphins started surfing the waves, and jumping, and darting and weaving.  Wow.  I turned to smile at Derek but he wasn’t there.  I looked back at the water and it seems he had sacrificed his testicles for a chance to swim with these fabulous beasts.  I thought about it too. For a nano second.  Then came to my senses. 

As it turned out the dolphins didn’t choose to hang around so Derek missed out.  I give him full credit for trying though. 

And as for his anatomy, it sorted itself out within a few hours of thawing.  His ears didn’t stayed pierced for long …


  1. THat sounds like a magical experience.

  2. oh HOORAY! I thought I was the only person in Australia who goes to the beach and won't get in the water. I HATE being cold. I'd rather do the damn IRONING.


  3. LOL Toni. I am almost with you. Only I don't iron. But yeah, I'm hearin' ya!

    Yes Kas - the magic word - Magic.

  4. LOL...Derek.....LOL.....Cool re: dolphins...I think I would have freaked, but I bet it was a sight to be seen...


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