Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 421

You know the end of the year is nigh when you seriously need to buy the next year's diary.

You also know Christmas is near when you order and receive your personalised family Christmas cards, and even your personalised business Christmas cards.

And when the kids are too damn tired and over school due to end of year blues.

And I am too damn tired and over cheer to be bothered with a clear lesson format.

And when I have some big business projects I need to complete and there are only a hand full of diary pages left in which to complete them.  That's where I am at today.  But Derek and I have come up with a plan! I am escaping.  I am quietly packing my overnight bag and heading over the mountain to the seaside again where I will spend one night ALL ALONE with no distractions or responsibilities other than that which are my own.  Just one night and one and a half days ...

Do you know that since I have been married and had kids I have only spent 2 nights fully alone.  I spent plenty alone with my new born child when Derek was living and working in Sydney, but I wasn't alone. I had my new born child.  I have only spent 2 nights in 12 years fully alone.  Oh sure, I have traveled for work and done the whole motel room alone thing, but there have always been colleagues nearby with whom you eat and drink and hang out with until sleep time.  Only 2 nights FULLY alone ....

Hmmm.  It's not the days that bother me. I actually LOVE being alone in the day. But when it comes to evenings being alone just doesn't feel right. Not when you have a loving husband and beautiful cuddly and wonderful kids. Being without them sends "danger" signals through me.  Silly I know.

I think the last time I was all alone I started this bloody blog!!  Now there's proof it's dangerous.

I don't think any of you have actually read my very first post. Here it is here.

And you can even read my second entry about my night ALONE while you're at it if you like.

Have a great Tuesday ...


  1. Hi Leanne! Hope you're well... just wondering if i might be able to find your contact details anywhere on your blog? Was hoping to get in touch with you about a competition i am running.

    Gracie x

  2. I had to buy our next year's calendar the other day. Crazy!


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