Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 423

Sometimes you just need a good cry.  I think it's essential to cleanse.  To get rid of the gremlins inside you.  Sometimes you've just gotta release. Oh, and cleanse your eyeballs while you're at it.

I had a bit of a cry last night.  And on Monday night as well.  

Don't worry, nothing sad has happened.  It's stupid TV shows that make me cry - and not even sad TV shows - very happy TV shows where amazing things happen for ordinary people.  

On Monday night I sat there sobbing during a ridiculous show called Undercover Boss where the CEO of a company secretly went and worked within a chain of hotels/fun parks in amongst her staff. It's the first time I'd seen it. She did stints as front desk receptionist, waitress, life guard and in a child care facility.  Afterwards she went and changed a few things about the company to take better care of the employees.  But that's not what made me cry.  It was when she did wonderful things to create better lives for the staff who had worked with her when she was under cover.  Like having the company sponsor one woman's kid through college, and organising for a knee operation for another lady, sending one guy off for flying lessons and giving one woman 6 months off at full pay to spend time with her family.  Plus they all got promoted.  Anyway it was very touching because each of them had individual hard luck stories and worked long hours for relatively little pay, and were never expecting such amazing opportunities. Why did I cry? Her kindness. Their gratitude.  Sob fest!

And then last night the kids and I stumbled across some TV show on Foxtel where a group of home decorators (and I guess builders) sent a family on holidays and while they were gone bulldozed their tiny shack of a house and build a mansion in its place.  I only entered the show half way through but it seems the community rallied together to support a mother who appeared to have dedicated her life to adopting kids, raising them and home schooling them, even though she herself had very limited resources. There was a shitload of them.  About ten kids?  They were a very close family - in spirit and physically - with the kids sharing beds, sleeping on the lounges and on mattresses on the floor. The dining table was so small that they'd never had a family meal together. Anyway, they came home to a beautiful new home filled with new furniture and bedrooms galore, as well as a room dedicated as a classroom for the home schooling.  My sobbing commenced when they saw their dining room table that was so big that they could all fit AND invite guests.  Again it was the kindness and resulting gratitude that got me.  Another sob fest ....

Yeah, it's ok to cry. Actually it's mandatory.  I think after you release it all you become more resilient to tackle your own day-to-day stuff.  Maybe ...  


  1. I agree about the crying is cleansing and a great pressure release :). You have made me so jealous with this post though. Years ago when we had Foxtel I absolutely LOVED the home improvement shoes, especially shows like that and your post has just made me want to sign up again (which is the complete opposite of what I really want to do :p) but I just miss those shoes so much as they are so heartwarming! :) (yes perhaps I also need to get out a little more :p)

  2. shoes = shows! *eek* sorry for the bad spelling :p

  3. Hi Leanne,

    THat show you descibed sounds wonderful. I hope to help children at my sanctuary, do not know how but I know the universe will take care of it.

    Contracts exchange in about a week!!!

  4. Aww bless you, Leanne!

    I feel the same way about a good cry. It is very cathartic.

    SSG xxx

  5. OH I have goosebumps just from reading that. And I have a great big sook about those shows too -- but it's so wonderful to see all that kindness and love instead of bitching and backstabbing. (I'm looking at YOU, day-time television)

  6. I'm not a crier. BUT today I found myself tearing up at Starbucks while I waited for my latte FOR NO FREAKING REASON so clearly I may need to cleanse or something.


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