Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 429

Apparently patience is a virtue.  Yeah, it is I suppose. But when you want to succeed at something really bad then you need to find that balance of patient persistence.  Persistence is vital.

Today I am being persistent.  I previously emailed Mr Publisher in New York and demanded (well, kindly asked) for a teleconference (well, a one-on-on phone call) to discuss my book.

I'm interested to know where the mock-ups are up to, what we need to do to get my official website up and running, how the promotional arrangements are going (particularly for Australia), how the podcast recordings are done (do I record it?) and a whole host of other questions based on the contract. Basically I want to know when they are going to hit the "GO" button.

Who are we kidding? You all know what I want. I want to bloody well know when the hell my God Damn - (sorry) "Gosh Darn" - books are going to be on the freakin' shelves!!!!!  

So I am sitting here sipping tea awaiting the big phone call from Mr Publisher who will in his suit sitting in his 5th Avenue office in NYC, while I am here in my "I am so blogging this" pyjamas, with bed head, no bra, stale breath and smelly armpits. Hmph. Not sure if that is going to do. I mean, I could actually shower, do my hair and get dressed into something that makes me feel like I am about to enter an assertive and outcomes based meeting with my publisher.  But hey, let's not go overboard.  I'm going to the gym after this.  No point showering yet. And he can't see me (or can he?)   Alright then. I could at least go and bra up and remove the socks from my teeth I suppose .....

And then I will sit here and wait for 7.30am to tick over.  And wait.  Dum de dum.  And wait.  Crap.  Literally.  Hanging around always makes my bowels wanna work.  It happens in libraries and video shops as well as I wander aimlessly scanning shelves. Instant laxative.  Weird.

And wait.

Dum de dum.

And wait.

Oh, I know, perhaps I should do what I would normally do at this time of the day. Make lunches, make beds, pack the dishwasher, organise breakfast, put on a load of washing.  Ok. Good thinking ....

I'll talk to you later.  I promise. The moment the phone rings I'll quietly whisper to you to keep you up to date with progress ....

An hour and a half later:

Toot toot! chugga chugga chugga chugga, toot toot!

The train is back on the tracks and we're on our way.

Mr Publisher called at 7.35am (3.35 pm NYC time).  We talked for 20 minutes. Wanna know the low down? Well, the book won't be out by Christmas, but we'd kinda come to terms with that anyway.  Hadn't we? So no news there.  But now I know what to expect from here.

They are currently working to apply the copy (love the lingo) and I should have proofs by the end of next week for sign off.  I need to be happy with placement and how the text is applied to images (again, loving the lingo).  Apparently it won't take long from mock-up to printing.  They suggest we're looking at around mid-late January for the book to go to press.  It generally takes anywhere from 10-20 days before the book is back in their hands ready for distribution and promotion.  It can take a while for the book to hit the market from that point but we're hopeful it will be reasonably quick, so we're looking at books being on shelves in March-April.

I then moved on to book number 2.  No point beating about the bush with these things - particularly since I've got him captured on the other end of a phone wire.  Persistence.

They are keen to take it on board.  Score!! The timing however is tricky.  So after a bit of a chat about the process we agreed that if I can get my illustrator working on images over January/February we can press the button in March for an October/November release.  He said that was realistic timing. I had hoped to get 3-4 books out a year but getting two out next year makes for a reasonable start and we can aim for roll-on releases the following year.  

So there you have it.  Patient persistence.  I can now sleep ...


  1. A watched pot and all that.....go do your chores woman.

  2. WooooooooooT.

    Oh. And be sure to do really well on that second book. :D

  3. Wow, I am so impressed. Very cool! Hopefully, someday that will be me! Working my dream!

  4. Keep living your dream Kristy. Don't lose sight of it. And remember - patient persistence.

  5. Great news Leanne. A wonderful example of not giving up on your dream...unlike some of us ;-} Very excited for you, and now quite motivated to patiently persist with my book publishing too Kristy, let's make 2011 a great year for us all.


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