Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 431

I need your help today.  

I need your help to prevent as many children as possible from possible poison or chemical burns.  

Do me a favour and go grab a bottle of bleach, or fabric softener or dishwasher powder.  

Check out the labeling for me.  

Is there something on there that would clearly communicate to your child that the contents are dangerous?  Is there a danger symbol on there that kids would understand means DANGER! Do not drink, Do not touch, or Don't play with it? 

There's not, is there?


What if we created one? 

Would you buy the product communicating the dangers to your kids, over a competitors product who didn't? 

I am working with a woman who has created a child safety logo to warn the community of the dangers of some products used in and around the home, after a realisation that there is a gap in Australia in safety warnings relating to many common household items.  

Her words:

Yuk to KidsTM was an idea that came straight from my 3 year old son Ayden during a holiday when he decided to help with the laundry. He asked if he could have a drink of what I was holding. He thought it was cordial. It was fabric softener. This could happen to any of our children or even to us! Thats when I took action and Yuk to KidsTM was born.
- Julie Okely, CEO - 

It is Julie's mission to have as many risk products as possible carry the symbol and have this supported by an education program targeted at younger children.  

Extensive research has gone into the creation of the symbol to ensure it is easily recognisable by children and adults as the universal warning on risk items that they be handled with extreme care.  The symbol above has been trademarked and intellectual property processes are complete.  She has endorsements by leading child psychologists and Kidsafe. Phase one of her project is complete.  But it's now time for phase two. That's where I come in.

Recent figures from the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia estimate that about 50 children per week in Australia are admitted to hospital because of poisoning, and between 5 and 10 children per year die from it.  And that is only poison. What about chemical burns, electrical accidents and machinery?
Imagine if we could prevent just one nasty accident ….
Imagine if you saved just one child from dying a slow painful death from poison …
Imagine if we could reduce chemical burns in children …

Julie is committed to lowering these statistics one safer child at a time.

What is my role in this? I have been contracted to put the business proposal(s) together which will ultimately go to Australia's manufacturers and retailers proposing their partnership in implementing this Australia wide.  Yuk to KidsTM labeling is currently available for purchase by individuals in sticker form, but we are focussed on getting the logo included in safety labeling at manufacture (rather than having to add it after purchase).

What do I need from you?  I would love it if you could email me via my business website here, or comment below, giving your "testimonial" or "support" for the Yuk to KidsTM  safety labeling concept.  I am planning to include a attachment full of support from around Australia, and the world, which I think would really enhance our proposal.

Isn't this exciting?!  I think it is. I feel blessed to be involved in such a worthwhile endeavor.  To be part of one mother's goal to change the lives of many.  

I'd love love LOVE your involvement too. 

Thanks everyone!!!  Have a fabulous Flog Yo Blog Friday ... and stay safe :)

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  1. I am there. Tell me what you need to me to. MORE than happy to support.

  2. Having had to ring for help in a blind panic when one of my kids drank bleach, I'm behind this 100%. "Dangerous' products should have a warning label that kids can easily identify for themselves. I can't think why this is not already law.

  3. Thank you for your email Lucy, and thanks heaps for this support Toni. We're on our way :)

  4. That is a great idea and to be perfectly honest I am a bit shocked that it's not mandatory.
    I've yet to see my kids read the fine print on stuff. And consider the vibrant colours of fabric softner bottles and other chemical products, it's crazy.

  5. I showed the symbol to my kids while reading this this morning and after a K said, "does that mean kids not to drink?" so yep Leanne you have my support 100% tell me what I can do:

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    Have a great day!


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