Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 433

Note to self - while sports crop tops are great as added support under a t-shirt, they shouldn't take the place of a bra.

Roger that.

I made the mistake of feeling sooooo fabulously secure in my New Balance crop top at boxercise last week that I neglected to do the whole bra thing underneath.  I just didn't give it any thought! I put the crop top on, threw on my t-shirt and hightailed it to the gym without so much as a "this feels odd why are my boobs spread across my chest" notion appearing in my brain.

It wasn't until I was half way through boxercise and I caught sight of myself in the mirrors that my chest with its double short stack with cherry on top became the clear focus of attention.  Who knew my boobs could have that circumference! And who knew they could move so "fluidly" to the beat of the music. Who knew you could smash a body part down that flat and still have it jiggle. Who knew that boxercise could give you a hankering for flapjacks ....


  1. Ha.... Oh I've been there.... he he he

  2. That would NEVER happen to me.

    (Mine would hang out the bottom, and I would notice immediately when I stepped on them)

  3. That is why i stick with the sports bras!


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