Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 434

I can hardly see. I am sitting here bleary eyed and the screen is blurred.  My eyes appear to be stuck together. Trying to pry them open so I can see what I type.  Maybe I should actually wake up before I hit the blogosphere.  Might help I suppose ...

Today I'm gonna drive 3 hours for lunch, eat, chat, giggle, take photos, then I'm gonna turn around and drive the 3 hours home again. Is 6 hours a lot of driving for lunch?

When I was a kid I had a handful of good friends. There were four of us who were in primary school together and then headed to the same all girls Catholic high school.  We all went through to year 10 together before they all left to find jobs and I continued on to year 12 and then to uni.  I've stayed friends with two of the three. We don't talk to each other much. We see each other even less.  But we're in each others hearts and we're bonded for life.  The friendship is cemented and doesn't need constant contact.  But occasional contact is important.

Back in July two of us made an effort for lunch. She traveled two hours and I traveled one to meet in the middle for a catch up. We hadn't seen each other in four years. You can read about it here.

In that blog post I vowed to never leave it so long between drinks. To make friends a priority and do what it takes to stay connected.  So with that in mind I put it in my diary to travel to her to check out her marital home (she got married since our last luncheon) and to give her more than a virtual hug.  The date was MONTHS after the last one.  The date was in the far off distance.  The forward date gave us plenty of time to gather more goss in which to feast as we ate our salt and pepper squid, or lasagne, or pie of the day, or enormous steak sandwhich.

Today is that day.  Today is the day I drive three hours for lunch.  Today is the day I get to ditch motherhood, wifedom, business woman, author, cheer coach and just hit the road in a Thelma without her Louise style of road trip to hang out with a friend and be a chick.  And I am really looking forward to it ...


  1. HAVE FUN!!!

    I hope it's fantastic and therapuetic

  2. Enjoy! there's nothing in the world like old friends.

  3. Hope you had a lovely time......can I schedule a lunch date with you?....wanna meet in the middle somewhere?

  4. That would be great Cath!! How about we meet in Hawaii in, say, March next year? There's a diner outside the Hilton Hawaiian Village that has a cheap feed :)

  5. Have fun! I would love it if I was only 3 hours away from my best friends. Worth the drive!


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