Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 439

The ghost of Christmas party past ...

Why oh why can't kids sleep in.  Why do they wake up at sparrows fart regardless of when they went to bed?  WHY?!

Hang on a minute ... why oh why can't I sleep in?!  Why do I wake up at the same time every day regardless of when I went to bed?

It's 6.30am and I am honestly exhausted.  Everything about me is tired.  Head, legs, feet, eyes, throat ... my fingers.  Even my ears feel tired. My hair is yawning.  My elbows.  My arm pits.  Absolutely exhausted.

We hosted the annual Langdown Christmas bash at our house last night and ended up with around 55 adults and 25 kids.  Family, friends.  School, work, childhood. Yikes!! We had 80 people wandering around our house and back deck!  And we cooked for them all! What the hell were we thinking?  But it all went well.  Fabulous night.  Ended around midnight.  Bed around 1.00.  With the assistance and guidance of a fit and fabulous mother/Nanny the food was served hot, the salads were served fresh, the pasta wasn't too sticky, and the washing up was done afterwards.  All I've got to worry about now is copious amounts of bottles and cans to take to the recycling depot and how the hell I'm going to go through the pile of chocolates I was given for Christmas, and all the half bottles of wine that have been left over!  Not the world's worst conundrum I guess.

Yeah, it was a good night.  But everything is tired. And I want sleep

Why oh why can't I sleep in ...

Let's see what the place looks like after the event.  The ghost of Christmas party past ...


  1. I am supposed to be ejoying a lie in myself. Not so. Body too used to getting up early.

    Sounds like the bash was brill....

    I'm off on hols for a while Leanne & so will not be commenting for a I wish you and Derek and the kids a LOVELY Christmas! xx

  2. Sounds like it was a great success :D. (and the clean up doesn't look too bad!) . I hope you get a nice and quiet day today even if you didn't get a sleep-in :)

  3. Oh, party party! Sounds wonderful! Such a shame that Christmas Fairy didn't help with the cleaning (it's amazing how they disappear the time they're most needed)! Oh, and sleep ins: what are they again? I'm here of my own accord at 5:30am every morning. That's what happens when we have kids. Damn the clock stuck in our head! Hope you have a great day (and some rest in there too) xx


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