Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 441

You can learn heaps from kids ... like how much patience you have for a start.

Today is Tuesday.  School only finished last Friday.  Already the bickering has begun.  This could well be a bloody long summer ...

My kids didn't always fight. Actually it's a new phenomenon.  It really only started this year. They've always really cared for each other and played well together. I think the four year age gap is starting to show now that Tahlia is a tweenie and Darbs is still in the midst of kidnom.  Plus their very different personalities. Oh, and that one is a boy and one is a girl I guess.  Tahlia wants to just hang around and rest at the moment, and Darby is full of energy and needs a friend.  Neither is getting what they want.  Frustration.  Argy bargy.  Screaming. Tears.


Yep, you can learn a lot from your kids.  I've learned that my patience is paper thin ...

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  1. Mine fight quite a lot bit they also get along and play quite a bit. Although now Ash is beginning to assert himself it is throwing more into the fighting mix and guess who put in for child are holidays for him until the 17th? Three bickering children at home til then....I am just go nuts :p


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