Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 443

I took a visit to Life in Pink Fibro a few minutes ago and got into the whole Christmas tree conversation. And you may recall that I wrote about our Christmas tree (of the Botanicus Plasticus variety) here. That reminded me that I have a story to tell you.  The story about the year we had a real tree.

For whatever reason we never had a access to Christmas tree farms.  I never knew anyone to have a real tree when I was young.  Everyone had the permanent evergreen in a box variety.  Anyway, one year Mum decided she might like the real thing so Dad devised a plan which I'll refer to here as the "borrowing of the fir".    Hmmm.  I don't suppose borrowing is the right term is it?  I guess once removed from his life support it's a little difficult to reattach.  The bottom line is we ripped him from his vitals and dragged his body to our home to display our slowly dying trophy. Shit.

So given the severity of the crime I'm not actually going to admit to anything.  I am thinking telling the story may be a really bad idea.  But now that you're here I guess you want to hear something.  Ok.

Let's just say that one night after dark we may or may not have dressed in black.

Let's just say we may or may not have run up the road to the local boarding school.

Let's just say they may or may not have had a patch of little fir trees.

And let's just say we may or may not have climbed through fences through their grounds to their neighbouring paddock.

And let's just say we may or may not have had an axe with us.

And it's possible that we may or may not have accidentally swung the axe which may or may not have delivered a fatal blow.

And as a result we may or may not have dragged the body through fences and down streets being sure to keep in the shadows.

Let's just say our Christmas tree that year may or may not have been the result of a heist.

I'm not saying we did or didn't steal a tree.  All I'm saying is we had a real Christmas tree one year but now we stick with botanicus plasticus.  And until the scars heal I think we'll give the "borrowing of the fir" a miss for a few more years.  Luc Longly will be with us for a while yet ....


  1. least you havd a family story to tell at Christmas time ;). Was the tree beautiful after all the work to get it?

    My cousin has always had a real tree. This year she told me it came with a free collection of bugs and a huntsman spider. I love my giant plastic tree even more after hearing that ;).

  2. Tee he! We have a thief among us? I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family and look forward to seeing you again in 2011 :)

  3. Growing up we always had a real year my dad and I decided to "save some money" and go to the house down the street where no one was living. We also decided to hike up their back hill and cut down a nice little tree...we than rolled it down the hill and we giggled and giggled.....yeah, I giggled when I saw the thousands of spiders coming out of it once the tree warmed up and we hatched the nest of spiders that was calling the tree home! That tree was promptly thrown out the back door and we went and got another...and I believe the next one may have been artificial!...I now make certain when we pick out our Bodnar family tree, that there are no little nests of anything living in it and that we get that tree shaken like a good martini!

  4. Hi lovely I have tagged you over at my blog, don't feel you need to participate though! x


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