Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 444

Tonight is the night!! Yikes. 

I'm getting nervous.  As a parent I get really frightened that Santa won't come and the kids will be destroyed for life. I'm serious.  Do you know how many times the Tooth Fairy has failed to arrive? Sometimes she stops by in the middle of the day when we're not looking to make up for it. But it's not the same. I try to explain it away by suggesting she may be afraid of Max-the-hip-gyrating-Lab but the reality is she's just a forgetful bitch.  There's no excuse for disappointing kids like that.  So Santa, if you're listening, you'd better have that sack stacked and ready for a visit. In the meantime I'll be a nervous wreck.  Delivering in the middle of the day won’t work. I won’t sleep a wink. I’ll be pacing.  And when 5.00am hits I’ll be racing to see if you’ve been.  And I’ll be double checking. And triple checking. And when I’m sure it’s not an illusion I’ll be flushing toilets, opening cupboards, turning on taps and closing doors to very subtly wake everyone so I can be put out of my misery. Then once the joy of Santa is done I’ll be back in bed.  

Tonight is the night!! Yikes. Not sure I you noticed but I find Christmas Eve bloody stressful …

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