Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 447

Alright. So the Christmas thing is done.

I am sitting at my in-laws coastal house. In the sun room.  It's normally spacious. Today, not so much.  Filled with tables, chairs and bodies.  In-laws are accommodating 13 people and three large dogs in a 3 bedroom home right now. And two hermit crabs.  And five laptops. And about 10 mobile phones. And piles of presents lining the walls. Very cosy. Very festive. Very coastal.  There are 3 tables set up in the sun room with 13 chairs.  Adds up I suppose.  Given there are 13 human bums to seat.  Dogs prefer the floor.  Crabs never show us their bums.

So I'm sitting here in amongst it all.  Trying not to stress about the lack of order.  Trying not to hyperventilate.  Stay calm. Relax.  Not my home, so not my place to hyperventilate.  Got my bum on a seat and that's all that matters.

But right now it's time to get my bum off this seat and start the breakfast process.  If I leave my laptop here my seat will stay reserved.  Thank you laptop.


  1. You had me at "coastal house". Wanna swap?

  2. Thanks for the vivid description....wishing there were 4 more place settings that were at the tables.....


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