Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 448

Whoopsie!  Now there’s a word.  Or how about, Whoopsies, plural for when you really make a mistake.  Or whoopty doo for when something is bogus.  Or whooo hoooo for when you win.  Or even whoody, whoody, whoody when you just want to speak but have nothing to say.  And let’s not forget woot woot for the really big trumpet blowing celebrations!!  Yeah. Lots of woo woo words.  And plenty of places to use them.  If you’re a woo woo kinda girl like I am …

How’s your onomatopoeic vocabulary?  


  1. I'm a woo hoo girl, I don't really use any of your variations. I do tend to use "grrr" a lot though - it's so expressive in both written and verbal form!

  2. I recently said WHOOPSIES while assassinating someone on a Playstation game, causing my 17 yo to roll off the sofa laughing....

    I also love WOO-HOO!


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