Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 453

So you eat fruit for breakfast. Big deal. That's not enough to keep you fit and fabulous at 40.

So you drink green tea.  Helpful, but not a cure all.

You gotta do more to avoid the return of flabsville ....

Consuming a bottle of champagne a night will do it to ya.  So will eating all those chocolates you got for Christmas.  Left overs for lunch and that lack of exercise will also add to the equation.  Muffin tops, bulldog jowls and tuck-shop arms are just around the corner.  Especially during the festive season. Not a good look when the festive season coincides with summer frocks, swimwear and boob tubes.

What are you gonna do?  Stop being festive?  I don't think that is the answer.  I'm not quite ready to give up the champas just yet.

I've got it! A tan. A tan covers up all sorts of imperfections.  A tan turns plain old flab into flabulous! They say a BBQ chook looks a whole lot more appetizing than a boiled one.  They might actually be right.

Just so happens I have one I prepared earlier.  Which of course means I can now eat, drink and continue to be merry for a few more days yet.

Go do it girls. Get out there and get yourself sprayed.  Then you can display your Christmas jelly belly with pride and do the bum dance with absolute confidence.  No boiled chooks here.  It's BBQ all the way ...


  1. Leanne!

    I love it. So true, so true. The late 30s onwards are evil years for one's metabolism.

    I am also employing hair tricks - high pony tail and that old chest nut Highlighting Your Best Feature. It's my arms so thank goodness maxi dresses are in!

    Hail the maxi dress!!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. SO so so so true. I have a real one. A genuine bad for the skin bad influence on my kids ripper of a beach tan. And despite the additonal festive sag, I feel like a goddess. Or a BBQ chook. Either way, I am HOT.


  3. Ha! Love it! And it's sooo true, at least that's what I tell myself when I look at my reflection...

  4. Yes indeed SSG - hail the maxi. Got one on today!
    And Lucy, you are hot. I too have the real deal with those horrid tan lines and all (but I stopped short of that suggestion in order to remain politically correct)

    We're all hot!! Roasted in fact ...

  5. See, here's where I'm going to come undone.... I'm a boiled one!

  6. I am boiled. I don't BBQ well. I look more like a road map than something anyone would eat. Thanks for the giggle - love it!

  7. I know! I am so needing to find the most flattering and loose fitting and kind clothes to wear to work the first week back until I de-bloat a bit. But, it's freakin worth it.


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