Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 455

We are back from the coast for a minor reality check before we head off to the sun, surf and sand again on the weekend.  Came home to loads of unpacking and washing to do.  Loads and loads. Shit loads in fact. Plus a house full of Christmas decorations to put away. Interestingly enough I found more chocolate under the tree!! Sigh.  Far too much chocolate for a migraine sufferer.  The devils work.  Someone is seriously trying to test my willpower.  So I did the only thing I could do ... I ate it ...

With this short burst of normality comes the need to conjur up some routine. It's time to retrain the brain, and the belly, and the kids, and the husband. The belly seems to be the hardest to retrain. As I type I have a rumble going on.  It seems ol' jelly belly isn't satisfied with cruskits for breakfast.  It's gonna get a rude shock when lunch rolls around and I present it with salad.  Serves him right for jacking up on me and retaining all that poo and fluid. If it just released once in a while we could negotiate some better terms.  But as it is, drastic measures are necessary.

So with that said I have a to-do list to get through.

  • Hang out washing
  • Make the beds
  • Feed the five magpies lined up on my back deck
  • Clean up the poo from the five magpies line up on my back deck
  • Take kids for bike ride
  • Lay on lounge panting after shock of post-Christmas exercise
  • Create, print and distribute Darby's birthday party invites
  • Skim read The Power of Intention
  • Write and load the monthly Achieve Beyond book review on The Power of Intention
  • Do the groceries
  • Take down all the Christmas decorations including the tree
  • Stare blankly at the pile of Christmas decorations in the middle of my lounge room floor and swear never to put up Christmas decorations again
  • Scream at the kids to help me put away the Christmas decorations
  • Cry as I look at all the beautifully handcrafted kiddie decorations and remember when the kids were tiny
  • Remind myself that the kids are still tiny
  • Walk away from the pile of Christmas decorations hoping the fairies will come and put then all away
  • Prepare for my client
  • Sing "We're not gonna take it" by Twisted Sister on Guitar Hero
  • Cook dinner
  • Attend my client session
  • Go to bed swearing at the non-existent fairies for not putting away my Christmas decorations


  1. You are funny.

    I blogged and jogged today for the first time in weeks.

    And tree is down.

    Am knackered now.


  2. Love you. HOpe reality didn't bite.

    I'm having a bit of a tough time getting in touch with Traci myself. I'll update you on it when I catch her though...I WILL catch her. Don't you worry...;)


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