Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 456

Bugger.  Slept in.

Didn't finish my to-do list yesterday.

Freakin' fairies didn't put away the Christmas decos.

I ate ice cream.

Got a headache.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I did pull down all the Christmas decorations and box them up but of course as predicted they are still in the middle of the lounge room.  There in lies that power of inention thingimo I talked about that at New Year.  I decided the fairies wouldn't come, and BINGO, they didn't.  Intention in reverse.

Oh, I'm the fairy??  Ohhhhh.  Right.  Will get onto that then.

Also didn't take the kids for a bike ride.  We went shopping for Darby's birthday party supplies instead.  But I DID lie on the lounge in a heap afterwards to recover from the bike ride (that we didn't take) so I can tick that off I suppose.

And I didn't do my Achieve Beyond book review because that required actually reading the book first and I didn't finish it. I did start mind you! I even took notes.  It helped with my client preparation.  But I didn't finish it.  And then when I was all set to type it up husband came home after an absolutely SHITE day at work.  He has a new boss who decided to take all his accounts off him.  I did the the only thing I could. Put plenty of beer in the fridge and sit and listen.

And remember how I talked about Mr Jelly Belly and the shock I was gonna give him with nothing but cruskits for breakfast and salad for lunch? Well imagine his shock when I ACTUALLY took him to the new Cold Rock ice cream shop and shoveled white chocolate ice cream mixed with strawberries into his sorry flabby and wibble wobble gut! That showed him ....

To be honest I think I might need to start again.

But not today. Today the kids and I are giving this newly resurrected normality the flick for some more holiday random.  We're off to the farm.

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  1. Sorry about Derek's shite work situation- must be something in the air - Andrew had a shite one too. Beers and listening is the only solution, evidently. xx


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