Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 457


Eyes stuck together.

Still got that headache.   I think it might be alcohol withdrawal on account of the fact I'd been drinking a bottle of champagne a night up until two days ago.  Well, it was the festive season and summer all rolled into one. Give me a break!  Geez.  So judgemental. But just to regain some dignity and a sense of responsibility I've gone back to zero.  You happy now?

The headache could also be sugar withdrawal I suppose. On account of all that chocolate and ice cream and alcohol and lollies and custard and Christmas pudding.

OR it could just be that my body is loaded with shite and this is my exit strategy. Yeah, that could be it. 

Anyway, on this fat and fabulous Thursday I declare I am back on track!  (Did I actually say "fat" and fabulous? Whoops.  I meant "fit" and fabulous.) I don't start back at the gym until next week, but I do start back on the sugar and fat-free wagon. Yep! That ought to do it for a while.  It might even help with this extra bum I seem to have acquired.  Extra two bums actually.  The extra bum now sitting firmly on top of my actual bum, plus my newly found front bum. 

Yes, I seem to have a bum growing out  of my waist.  Normally when you expand in that area you grow spare tyres that roll neatly and joyously over your waistband, but not me. I've grown a full on front bum.  My fat is spilling over my waistband with a crease going vertical down the middle instead of horizontal giving me a very unsightly stomach arse.  Interesting.  So yes, I must get on this sugar and fat-free wagon. Absolutely must.

But wait .... I'm off to the coast again tonight for a few days with friends and there will be champagne. Hmmm.  Coast just isn't coast without champagne.  Oh dear ...

What to do? What do to?


  1. Oh goddess. Fat to Fit started for me on Tues and it is a relief to be free from all your temptations.......xx

  2. Yes, when will those temptations leave me alone?

  3. So funny. It's too hard during the season to go cold turkey. Pun intended. Enjoy it while you can. You can be good later. xx

  4. LOL I have a front bum too!

    Yes I think maybe the headache is sugar withdrawal...I got that when I started Slimming World last April/May time...


    Good luck with the front bum and extra bum removal! Happy new year!

    Gail xx


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