Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 458

Off to the beach again today. Front bum and all. Wearing my fabulous halter neck "tankini" which has extra fabric around the stomach-arse section so it's all good.  Yes, yes ... I'll get back to being fit and fabulous next week. In the meantime I am relying heavily on my Deep Fried Toolbox to keep me looking semi decent. I often refer to my toolbox but I've never actually told you what's in it.  Remind me to do that one day ...

So, what shall we talk about?


Oh, I know. Can anyone tell me any secrets on how to help an 11 year old to stop biting her nails?

Tahlia has been biting her nails since day one. The little scamp even chews her toe nails!!! Revolting.  Anyway, if she's not biting her nails she's chewing on paper or plastic straws or a pen.  And it's not because we had the ol' dummy (pacifier) for too long because she never took to one.  I have yet to find the psychological reasoning behind the need to chew. She definitely increases the nail biting when she is nervous like at calisthenics or cheer comps, or during class when she has to give a presentation etc.  The rest of the time it's just habit. We've tried all the expensive nail biting lotions and potions.  She gets used to the taste.  I've threatened her with chili but haven't followed through with the chili paste concoction yet because I don't know how to apply it without her ending up with it in her eyes, or other sensitive areas which she may need to rub or wipe during the course of her day.  So these holidays we did the beautiful nail polish thing to try and encourage her to keep her nails looking pretty. She chose a rainbow of florescent colours and so far she's managed to get through almost a week.  Until this morning.  She came to me smiling about something when I noticed she had florescent teeth.  You've been biting your nails!!! No I haven't (hiding her fingers from me). Yes you have!!  How do you know? Because it's written all over your face ... I mean teeth ....

Any advice?


  1. Darling Deep Fried Fruit xxxx I haven't read your post, can't concentrate (you must know why). But I saw your comments around the place and eventually at Lucy's and just wanted to give you a huge cyber hug... doooon't beat yourself up too hard. You and I seem to have been the last to find out - I just arrived home and saw on Twitter about Lori's husband. So, please. Let the tears fall but remove that guilt! You weren't to know but you do now, and I am certain your prayers being sent into the collective will be 1000-strong. Love to you.x

  2. Thanks Being Me. It's incredible how strong this wonderful blogosphere is. I will dedicate my post to Lori tomorrow ... now that I know.

  3. We were sorry and shocked to hear about Tony & Lori!
    It is good to know as a community we are all thinking/praying for them!
    It makes us all reassess the important things in life when we hear of people going through such desperate times.


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