Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 459

So yesterday I slept in.  Part of my current break from routine.

I blogged in a half wake state and forgot it was Flog Yo Blog Friday.  Again, out of my routine.

I didn't take a joyride through the blogosphere because I'd slept in and my family were waiting for me to join them on the beach.  A wonderful escape from reality.

Yesterday I was worried about front bums, and nail biting and tankinis.  Nothing else to worry about. My current glorious reality.

I spent the day laying on the beach, floating in the water, rubbing sunscreen on the kids and husband.  Oblivious to the rest of the world. Life is too easy.

I came home from the beach, showered, put on my "going out" clothes and poured myself an ice cold glass of champagne. Off to spend a night with friends, family, kids and lovely husband.

I had half an hour to spare so checked my emails and planned a short ride on the blogotron.

That's when I discovered it.  That while I am cruising around in my holiday state in a world of relaxation and bliss, there is a whole world of reality out there with some very difficult, heart breaking and sad stuff going on. For many of you it's just a matter of turning on the news to see worlds realities.  For us when it happens in the blogosphere it's a little closer to home.  Too close.

Yesterday while I lay on the beach in pure ignorance and abandon those that did participate in Flog Yo Blog Friday were all praying and sending messages of hope to our very own Flog Yo Blog hostess as she spent the day in ICU with her husband as he fights for his life after an accident on Thursday.  Lori at Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum wasn't worried about front bums and nail biting yesterday.  She was no longer worried about what she was wearing or chatting about Andy Lee's bust up with Megan Gale or talking about bad language or Brazilian waxing.  Lori's new reality has her husbands life hanging in the balance, and her family unit along with it.

I guess this is a really long way for me to say that while I was laying on the beach and clearing my mind of all life's little annoying bits and bobs, a whole community was rallying together to support one of their own.  An online community of people who have never met face-to-face have been mustering their support for Lori and her husband.  Hundreds of messages of hope and love have been filtering through the internet throwing positive energy towards an intensive care unit.  Hundreds of people from around Australia and across the globe have come together in a show of support holding their own private vigils and prayer sessions.

Imagine a world without blogging? No seriously.  Imagine it.  Imagine Lori and her extended family having to go through all this on their own.  Without the extended across the globe love. Imagine never having hundreds and hundreds of supportive messages to create a surge of positive energy.  It could work you know.  That much positive energy.  It works in face-to-face situations, surely it can work in the blogosphere too?

Surely ....

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