Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 462

I am reading a tonne of books right now. Switching between them.  Loving the way people write. Their stories.  Their way with words.

I do believe my daughter is a budding author.  Can you believe she is writing a novel at the moment! Right now. Today. She is 11.

Derek and I were marveling at the creativity, innovation and imagination of the kids the other day.  We were having a BBQ dinner with family and friends at the coast and due to a lack of seating we ended up at the "kids table".  While the grown ups across the way were discussing big adult things like real estate, politics, the cricket, and the old days, the kids were talking about the island they could see off the shoreline and suggested we put a colony of monkeys on there.  How interesting! A colony of exotic monkeys right there on an island off the South Coast.  What would they eat? Well, they'd plant banana trees.  What would they drink? Well, we could pump water out to the island.  How would you stop people from cruising over there in boats and stealing the monkeys to have them as pets?  Why would anyone do that.  You're silly Mum.

Pure minds.  Unaffected by realism and past experience.  Fabulous thoughts.  Such fun.

You might remember that post I did here about creativity and the fact that we steal it from our kids because of our own belief systems and a world of education.  I try my best at home not to steal innovation from my children but it's hard.  My own education and experience gets in the way.

Recently Tahlia has started writing.  I found a wad of paper on her desk a few weeks ago and started reading. It was an illustrated children's book. So simple.  So well written. So innovative.  So funny! So perfect.  I was in awe.  It takes me forever to get my mind into a creative state to write my kids books. I have to cleanse my mind, get into the now, escape my reality and allow true uninterrupted inspiration to hit.  I guess I go back to my child state.  And here is Tahlia walking around in this "now" mindset all the time.  No need to read any Eckhart Tolle to get there.  She just has it. She lives it.

Last night she came to me with an idea for her novel.  I sat there and listened.  Absolute magic.  The thoughts that came out of her head were incredible.  She wanted to read the first paragraph to me. I said no.  I promised I would edit the book for her at the end, but told her not to share it with anyone until she had written it.  To share would invoke opinion and that could steal her creativity.  So today she sits at her own laptop at the kitchen bench and types.  She has character notes, a story outline, the sequence of events, a challenge and a conclusion all mapped out on a one pager next to her.  And she is just writing ....

I am very proud.  And bloody jealous ...


  1. That is fantastic Leanne....it is so very difficult for some adults to write a page of anything and many kids struggle to write, so to be able to sit and just spill your thoughts onto your keyboard is just an awesome thing to be able to do. She will do wonderfully in her higher years in school. Paper writing for Miss TJ is going to be a breeze!.....

  2. That is so fantastic Leanne to have a budding author in the family! Encourage and nurture her talent. I sometimes write books together with my kids, we bat ideas back and forth, that is a lot of fun - then we self publish them.


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