Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 463

There is a lot going on in our world at the moment.  But one thing is for sure.  Today is D day.

Darby is 7.  As I type this he is sitting up in my bed waiting for his gifts.  He is grinning from ear to ear and hopes Daddy will wake up soon so he can get this show on the road.

I wondered how to acknowledge our Darbs suitably today. Then I remembered the letter I wrote for him when he was in Kindergarten.  Throughout the year each child was given the opportunity to be "Star of the Week". That was the point where the class got to find out all the bits and bobs about their fellow class mates.  Parents were to write a letter to the class telling them all about their child and why they felt their child was a star. I have included our letter to Darby here:

Dear Kinder Class

Darby was born on Monday 12th January 2004.  He was overdue so Mummy was really ready for him to come out of her tummy. It was so nice to have a baby boy.

The name Darby is an Irish name and it means “free man”.  When he was born we used to call him Darby Doo.  Now that he is growing up we call him Darby Dude instead.  Sometimes you will here us just call him Dude or Doodle Bop. They are his funny nicknames.

Darby gets his blonde hair and blue eyes from Mummy because she used to have blonde hair when she was little. But her hair went dark as she got older. Darby’s hair will probably get darker too.  Darby looks very much like his Pop.

Darby learned how to walk when he turned 1 and he learned how to talk really quickly. Plus he toilet trained himself the moment he turned 2.  Mummy didn’t have to do much to teach him. He was very clever.

Darby’s favourite things when he was a toddler were his dog Max and balls. All sorts of balls!  One year Santa Clause gave him a bag of balls and that was his favourite gift.  When he was only one year old he could dribble a full size basketball around the house.  Talented!

We love Darby very much.  He makes us laugh every day and keeps us happy.  He is very loving and very considerate. Darby loves animals and really cares about all God’s creatures. 

I will tell you a secret about Darby that no one at school knows – he is a really great dancer!  He taught himself the street funk style of dancing and he is so good he should be on stage. But Darby is shy to dance in front of other people so no one knows how good his moves are.

Darby has been overseas 3 times since he was born.  We have friends in America so he has visited them twice and he also went to Hawaii last year.  The first time he went overseas he was only 2 but he still gets to remember it by watching the holiday DVD of the trip.

Darby likes to be outside and spends lots of time playing with balls in the backyard.  He also likes being on Nanny and Pop’s farm because he gets to ride his pony and his quad bike.  Oh, and let’s not forget the beach! There is a surfer dude inside his body somewhere! I think Darby will grow up to work outdoors. He seems to like the fresh air. 

We have written a poem about Darby.

Darby seems to have it all
He can dribble, kick and throw a ball
He loves to play outside all day
And we love the things he has to say
He’s cute, funny, and very smart
And best of all is his good heart
He is a clown and can really dance
And he’ll play a trick if he gets the chance
We are proud of Darby and think he’s cool
And we’re pleased to send this letter to school.

 So there you have it.  There's a little bit of a spiel on our Darbster who turns 7 today.  

Happy birthday little Dude!!!  

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