Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 464

I was at the post office yesterday on behalf of a client sending off a MAJOR business proposal to a MAJOR Australian corporation to make MAJOR changes to product safety labeling (you will remember the Yuk to Kids project from my previous post here) when I saw a young woman wearing an inside-out button up blouse.

Now, there is nothing wrong with wearing the odd bit of clothing inside-out.  Geez, men have been renowned for turning the undies inside out for a another go around, and I have been known to do that with my socks.  There was also a fashion trend for a while to wear your sweater inside-out for that real "I'm so relaxed and laid back and stoned that I don't give a crap" look that university students seemed to embrace.  But, how does one wear a button up blouse inside-out?  No, seriously.  How does that happen?

I was standing behind her and saw her tag on the outside, then noticed the seems, and then when she turned around she seriously had all the buttons done up but hidden on the inside.  It was really weird.  I thought "do I tell her?" or do you just tune out and ignore it?  But then I thought, how did she get the bloody thing on?  With all the buttons done up and all. That would have taken some serious effort.  So I decided to let her be in her little inside-out world ...  but it got me to thinking.

One of the supposed signs of dyslexia is having trouble getting dressed. Kids will often put their clothes on inside-out or back-to-front.  I have a husband renowned for doing both - to both the kids and himself.  If ever he had to do the morning shift of dressing the kids and taking them to daycare on my behalf, the staff would often laugh at the fact he had their shoes on the wrong feet or shirts on inside-out or back-to-front. It was par for the course. In fact, he does it with his own clothes often.  Actually, make that very often.  Hmmm.  Usually he gets stopped before he walks out the front door, but there was one incident where no one was home to stop him.

One day Derek actually went out with a collared golf t-shirt on inside-out AND back-to-front. How does someone put a collared shirt on back-to-front and not realise it?  There he was walking the streets with the tag at his throat (on the outside) and the collar up under his chin, with a nice little V on his back and the stitching and under-cloth from the underside of the lapel logo all hanging out at his shoulder blade.  By all accounts he went to the bank, to the supermarket, to the post office.  No one said a thing. He strutted his stuff along the streets in absolute oblivion.  It wasn't until he went into a little take-away hamburger joint that he saw himself in their mirror against the wall.  In true Derek style he didn't get embarrassed or run to the nearest rest room to rectify the situation. He simply exclaimed to anyone in earshot "why the hell didn't someone tell me?!" and removed the shirt right there and then to put it on the right way.

Should I have told the lady she was inside-out?  Nah.  She'll work it out eventually I suppose.  Who knows, she may have preferred the blouse that way.  Besides, best that she don't whip it all off and redress in a shop full of customer.  Only the Derek's of the world can get away with such clown acts ...

An interesting fact: Darby's dyslexia is apparently hereditary.  I'm not pointing any fingers or anything, but if the left shoe fits on the right foot, well ...


  1. HA! That was hilarious. (thanks for being so delightful and supportive)

  2. Is it wrong that this post made me laugh so much?

  3. Oh, God love him, that's so funny!

    I've worn a skirt to school and shops for half a day without realising it was inside out. Felt like such a dill.


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