Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 465

I found this picture in my bedside drawer last night. I was looking for a bookmark to mark the page of one of the MANY books I am reading right now.  It’s a picture Darby drew for me when he was at preschool.  He was four years old.

It’s so beautiful. So simple. So clever. So innocent.  And could replace a thousand words.

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks.  There’s been death and heartache on the blogosphere.  One of our own lost her husband who is being buried today.  Others have lost friends. Then there is the floods.

In recent years we’ve being tested quite a bit with natural disasters occurring at Christmas/New Year.  Tsunamis, hurricanes, fires, earth quakes, flood.  Are we being reminded not to rest on our laurels?  (Who the hell is Laurel anyway?  Why isn’t she allowed to rest from time to time? Poor Laurel.) Are these New Year disasters warning us to stay alert?  Is this some sort of initiation of phasing exercise? Ok, so I’m alert. Geez. 

With all the devastation of the Queensland floods, and the shocking news of loss being experienced by fellow writers, we could be excused for falling in a great big heap.  While we’re not all going through it, we’re all being affected by it in some way.  We may not be experiencing the sadness, pain and uncertainty first hand, but it is making us think.  It’s making us take stock. You learn new things all the time, and you’re reminded of other things often.  For me the events of the last few weeks has me appreciating what I have and expressing a great deal of gratitude.  I am also practicing lots of tolerance and empathy. I am reminded that there will often be grey skies and loads of rain, but above those clouds there is blue. Eventually there’ll be sunlight and flowers again.  If you’re lucky enough there may even be rainbows. 

This picture shows a kid who is uncertain.  There is trepidation in his eyes, and confusion on his face, but above him there is still a rainbow. 

There will always be blue skies and rainbows. Eventually. 

Best wishes to Lori who is burying her husband today, to our other bloggy pals who have experienced recent loss through the death of loved ones, and to our fellow Aussies whose worlds have turned upside down due to flood. 

I wish you a world of rainbows.


  1. Gorgeous pic and a lovely sentiment. Wish we all had a world of rainbows all the time... but I guess you need the rain to get them.

  2. Beautiful post Leanne. We have many real rainbows here, I like to say that we live in the land of rainbows. I wish I could tranfer them to the places that really need them right now. xo


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