Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 466

Not since the axing of Models Inc after only one season back in 1995 with an incredibly dramatic cliff hanger have I ever felt this outraged!!

For those of you who know me, I like my old 90s TV shows and during holiday season I tend to watch them back to back with my box sets.  I have recently finished watching Beverly Hills 90210 from beginning to end (again) and it only took me about 4 years to do it the second time around.  I sobbed during the last episode.  Ahhh.  Such escapism ...

Anyway, since the big 90210 finale I was at a loose end so I managed to find myself a new series to relive.  Gilmore Girls. Yes, yes, yes. I'm only ten years or so behind the times.  Could be worse ... I could be watching 21 Jump Street.

I'd watched a couple of seasons of Gilmore Girls years and years ago so I knew the characters, their relationships and the basic plot line.  And I got used to the fast paced random banter which initially had me a little agitated but soon got me hooked wholess bowless.

Anyway, I was "taping" these shows on Foxtel IQ (is "taping" even a word anymore?  Should we now be saying "DVDing" or "IQing" ....ohhhh ... how about "recording".  That makes more sense. Recording.)  I was recording these shows and had them series linked so I wouldn't miss anything.  I got through season 6 and I am nearing the end of season 7.  So with only four episodes to go I panicked a bit thinking I should probably go in and find season 8 to create a new series link.

That's when the outrage was triggered.  Mirroring the Models Inc debacle of 1995 it seems the Gilmore Girls powers-that-be just decided to end it. Just end it!! No warning.  No "what about the viewers and their non-existent lives?". Just ZIP!! Nada. Caput.  You're over. Bad luck bog nose you lose.  Don't care. Next!!

Bastards.  The lot of them.

Sorry, I may be jumping the gun here.  You probably all knew about it and there may actually have been plenty of warning when the season actually went to air four years ago, but nobody warned me in my slow behind-the-times-avoiding-the-fast-lane holiday state.  I'm just a little shocked.  I have four eps left to watch and I don't want it to end! Four tiny little far-too-short eps.  Only four. But, but, but ... I was only just getting started! It's holidays. I like my TV in the holidays.  I have nothing else up my sleeve.  Please don't take Gilmore Girls away from me ...




Is anybody listening ??

(I'm all alone ...)


  1. I'll have to admit to never watching it. But in light of my recent echoes, felt compelled to post.

    These TV shows that we "tape" (I still tape too, by the way) become like friends. Little islands of calm in an otherwise chaotic world.

    I cried when I came to the very end episode of West Wing.

    I still feel lost without The Bill.

    And don't even get me started on Sea Change...

  2. Ah, The Bill. A regular Sat night event in the old days for me and my honorary grandpa. Usually when I was heartbroken. *sigh*

    Pssst: Hottie from early Gilmore days is boy in Supernatural. Just in case you wanna look.

  3. Oh yes!! That was Rory's first boyf. Dean! Yes. A hottie.
    Lucy - that's it - I feel like I am losing my friends. Sigh. My island of calm ...

  4. I am STILL trying to get over Models Inc - damn I loved that show - and am still fuming over its axing...

  5. I know JUST what you mean. They axed Eli Stone after just 2 seasons and Hubs and I were bereft.

  6. I was writing in to agree that I very much miss The Gilmore Girls. Like a good book that you pray won't end (even though you are on the final few pages). But now I'm devastated to find Eli Stone's not coming back...I guess my kids & I should stop waiting now :-(


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