Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 467

I am here to share with you a Deep Fried secret!

Well, I guess it's not really a secret.  Like most things I'm kinda open about it. Actually I am known to confess about it at dinner parties and weddings. So it's not a secret at all.  But it should be.

Today I am going to let you into my Deep Fried world of beauty. I will open up my Deep Fried tool box and share with you a smokes and mirrors gadget that I personally can not live without.

The first essential tool for remaining fit and fabulous at 40 is (drum roll please .....)

A scuba suit!!!

Dah dah!!!

Not just any scuba suit mind you.  And not one made for sea diving either. I'm talking about the all essential scuba suit which is a must have for anyone with anything slightly resembling a muffin top or front bum. The suck it all in undies that are so supportive not even a fart can escape.  Yeah, that kind of scuba suit.

My scuba suit of choice is Dr Rey's Shapewear worn here by a wonderful model who wouldn't know what a muffin top is let alone where to suck it.  I love these undies because Dr Rey really knows where the pressure points are and sews up these suckers in accordance with nip and tuck guidelines.  They are fantastic and the best news is you can buy them from such places as Target for under $40. Be sure to get the ones that go all the way to the bra line though! It needs to get right up there to ensure you are also eliminating any sign of a brausage (bra sausage).

The only down side to a pair of Dr Rey's is the wind that may or may not accumulate within.  For a story I wrote eons ago about farting in a scuba suit you can go here.

So there you have it.  A little snippit of Deep Fried redemption.  I also recommend the Hold Me Tight Shapewear "dress" that is awesome under a summer frock. I think Ricki Lee may be the face of this variety.  It not only sucks you in but gives you one hell of a cleavage.  Available at Big W again for less than $40. Love it!

Big cheers for Ricki Lee and Dr Rey!!  Woot Woot.

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